Garden Tour: A Relaxing Backyard Hangout in San Diego, Complete with a Hammock and BBQ Lounge Area

Gardening is one of our favorite ways to relax and enjoy being outside, so when it was time for my husband Dave and I to design our front and backyard we were sure to build a space that was Waterwise out front so it would lessen the watering that had to be done, but would fill in, and for the backyard we wanted a space that we could BBQ on the weekends and have friends and family over.

our san diego backyard BBQ hang out spot.JPG

Ikea is where we purchased our furniture set last year, it was the end of the season and we got the last three pieces they had of this set, wish we could have got one more chair for the set, but I think it would be fun to mix it up with other style chairs down the road.

potted plants on our patio.JPG

I really love potted plants, its fun to get unique and colorful designed pots to bring nice pops of color to the yard. We use a lot of pots since we don’t plan on living in this house long term, but plan on moving out of San Diego in the coming 2 years or so, so for now we planted enough plants on the actual grounds of the backyard  to make it not to bland as there was nothing at all planted here when we moved in.

Our rock feature area with birdbath and bird feeder and our jasmin IMG 6056

We got our chair cushions at Lowes, I really love the funky colorful boho look and hope one day to get really bright colorful mix and match cushions and pillows, but for now this will have to do.

IMG 6041

I LOVE butterfly bushes, if you don’t have any in your yard I highly encourage you to get them, they bring so many visitors to your yard, butterflies, Bees, hummingbirds, lady bugs and more, its a colorful and fun addition to any yard!

potted plants.JPG

That rock in the foreground was there when we moved in, I really wanted some bushes around it so we bought a yellow broom brush, I transplanted a plumeria we had already another bush and a butterfly bush sprouted there randomly from the potted one near by, it was a happy accident, I love my Little Rock accent area it so cheery! It also has a bird bath made from an old lamp stand and metal plate and a little bird feeder hanging, the birdies love this spot.

BBQ area.JPG

My husband Dave BBQ’s for us at least once each weekend, this is his area for the BBQ, we cook our here, well I should say he cooks our here while I lay on the hammock, which is my favorite spot in the entire yard.  Our two dogs love being back there with us to, it makes for a great evening of spending time together as a family.

our vines.JPG

I really wanted vines to cover the fence next to the patio table, the vines we planted back in March are well on their way to filling it up!

Sunflower passionfruit and other flowers from garden veggie garden.JPG

Our veggie garden is really happy, we have pumpkins, spaghetti squash, corn, tomatoes, onions, watermelon and butternut squash.

Our veggie garden IMG 6047

A view of the backyard right when you enter though the side gate.

Our vegetable garden with tomatoes watermelon pumpkin and corn IMG 6068

My favorite place to be in the entire house, the shade tree covers my face from the sun, and I get to watch the neighbors little birds about 40 of them fly back and fourth from his yard to my hard getting bird food from us. Its a great place to relax and reflect!

Our herb garden containers with basil sage rosemary oregano and thyme

My herb garden is great, we placed them into really huge wood crates I found at my workplace that someone had thrown out, we placed corrugated metal over them to dress it up a bit, its nice to not have to bend down to get herbs too!

our front yard.JPG

This is the front yard, its water wise and really colorful with succulents, honeysuckle, and some bushes. Dave made the rock wall himself by gathering lots of rocks from near by and stacking them naturally to make the wall, it was a cool feature because we can place succulents into the cracks to grow.

Our front yard succlents IMG 6028 our succulent porch.JPG

This it the front door to our home, the entire area around the porch is succulents and cactus aside from the butterfly bush that started to grown 😉

Our beer bottle top stepping stones

We made concrete stepping stones with beer bottle tops.

our rockwall.JPG accent rocks with succulents.JPG

We use a lot of rocks to accent in the from yard, anytime we are our and nature and find a cool rock we try to bring it home to the yard.

IMG 6024

This is the little plant area on the porch right next to the front door, I love seeing my little plants when I come home from work each day.

IMG 6030

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