Nice To Meet Ya! I’m Kim, The Color Lover Behind Dig and Hang…

Feel like your trapped in a predominantly neutral color tone world, but  you love everything bold, colorful and unique?




Life is short, you should be able to enjoy a home full of all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. We feature a gallery wall each month where we decorate with a theme and share the most colorful artists around the world.
Discover the most colorful furniture and home decor from around the world, as we find it we share it with you.
Are you Crafty? We also do tons of  fun tutorials so you can add color to your home by upcycling furniture, creating abstract art pieces and so much more, were glad you found us and our community of color lovers!
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If you love eclectic and unique home decor that has bold colors, patterns and textures you’re in the right place! Dig and Hang was created to inspire you and be a resource to help you create a fun and colorful home as unique as you and your family!

Get ideas on colorful custom craft and art projects for your home, find helpful resources and product lists, get inspired by colorful home tours from around the world, find featured artists and purchase our handmade home decor if you just don’t have the time to make your own.

Hi, my name is Kim Laplante and I’m obsessed with home decor full of  bright bold colors, patterns and textures. I’ve loved home decor since childhood, everyone else was playing with toys and video games while I was busy redecorating my half of the bedroom I shared with my sister.

I’ve always loved the process of decorating, and have always wanted to have a one of a kind custom look that fit my personality and style.  In order to get this I would always create custom art pieces, gather treasures from traveling and turn both thrift store finds and trash from the side of the road into unique statement pieces for my space.

As you could imagine I was thrilled to get my first apartment and decorate it, I was overjoyed to have a space to call my own. I spent the next year customizing it and really making it my own. I created countless craft and artpieces, gathered thrown out side tables, lamps and chairs from the dumpster and customized them with paint and decoupage and brought home treasures from road trips I took with my boyfriend (now husband).

Decorating to me was like breathing, it came natural to me. I would hear time and again from friends and family that when they came in my house it felt like they were in an every changing art gallery. I was told I should really show others how to customize their homes with color and unqiue art, and also sell my stuff to folks who didnt have the time to make their own decor.

So, Dig and Hang was born. I want this site to be resourceful, inspiring and informative. You can create a lovely home full of color, pattern and texture, a place where you can enjoy and relax at after a long day.

I have a shop you can purcahse colorful handmade art for your home, I also offer virtual room design consultations as well as teach art classes and offer programs for home decor.  Get inspired and build a beautiful home as unique as you and your family!

Why the name Dig and Hang you ask? My husband dated me for 10 years before popping the question. He knew early on he was dating a lady that loved decorating and gardening. We got married October 22nd 2016  and wrote vows for each other.  In my husband Davids vows to me he said he would dig any hole in the groun I needed to plant anything and would nail as many nails in the wall for me to hang my art.  I’m very lucky and blessed to have such a supportive husband that even stops to look at my countless “cool” things I find on pinterest.