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So where you ask did Dig and Hang come from? It was inspired from our wedding vows we made to one another on October 22nd 2017.  Our vows mention my love for home decorating and gardening several times, oh… and Pinterest haha!

You can check out our wedding here…. 

I have had several projects in the past where I worked on solo, but I wanted my wonderful husband Dave to be a part of this he is the one whom always will Dig a hole for a new plant or Hang a new photo or painting I have in our home. Best said from my vows below…

“…Your forever my artwork hanger and hole digger, for you and only you can tirelessly agree with a smile on his face to hammer yet another nail, or screw yet another screw into the jam packed walls of our home for sake of decoration, and you are the only one who can gleefully dig yet another hole in the dirt for me to plant just one plant in our garden….”

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 Our Dig and Hang Credo We Live By…..

 1. Always be on a path of self DISCOVERY

 Life is a fleeting moment, learn about and love your true self so you can inspire, support, and give hope to those around you with the unique abilities you have.

2. Be open to DISCOVERY on very road you travel

There are many seasons in life, some difficult some exhilarating and some routine, find joy, wonder and gratitude during all seasons and never lose your sense of curiosity no matter your age. 

3. Home is a place to delight in your DISCOVERIES

The place you call home should be a wonderful place full of delights from your discoveries of both the world around you and yourself. Strive to create a home filled with joy, laughter, love and learning.

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My mission is to inspire you to discover yourself and the world around you each and every day, and embrace the unique and wonderful you!

We will be posting home tours, travel trip ideas, and posts on how to continue to discover who you are so you can always remain in a mindset of discovery and joy in the good, bad and ugly of life.

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