An Everlasting Colorful Floral Bouquet with a Hint of Whimsy, These are Flowers You Can Enjoy Forever On Your Colorful Gallery Wall, By Clemmy Lou Designs, No Water Needed.

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of colorful fresh flowers, the only downside being that they don’t last forever. Here is the solution, beautiful felt flower wreaths and wood signs by Clemmy Lou Designs.  The flowers she creates by hand are nothing short of magical, and gosh do they look realistic.  I’ve never been a fan of the silk flowers, although they can look realistic, they lack a touch of whimsy, but these felt flowers are so lovely.

These colorful felt floral art pieces would be a lovely addition to a baby nursery, gallery wall, powder room, fireplace mantel or family photo wall. The lovey artist behind it all is Haley Sen, read the interview below to find out more about her colorful felt floral home decor. She also has an online shop you can purchase many of them times in the article, and also can find her on Instagram and Facebook



facebook: https://www.

Colorful home decor flower wreath by clemmy lou designs

The Texas state felt floral piece can be purchased here. The boho teal and peach floral dream catcher can be purchased here


Can you tell us about your work, when did you start creating? 

I grew up in a home that was always fully stocked with every arts and crafts supply you could imagine. My mom is an art teacher, but before she taught art in school, she was a stay at home mom who loved to craft. She loves making jewelry and painting and I always had to “help” her. She saw that my two brothers and I loved crafting so she would buy little arts and crafts projects for us to make during the summer time. I think the combination of being born with the skill or desire to craft and growing up in an environment that encouraged creativity made me someone who was destined to be a crafter.  

When I grew up, I felt a calling to become a nurse, so I did. Being a nurse didn’t stop me from crafting whenever I could. If anyone needed a door decorated or a sign made, I was always the one they would come to. After my second child Clementine was born, I decided to be a stay at home mom and spent all day and all night taking care of my two children. I started to feel like I was losing myself as the days of being a stay at home mom turned into months.

I decided to do something for me in my spare time and began crafting whatever I could. I took advantage of my love for flowers and having a new daughter, and started making different items for her nursey. I wanted to make a felt flower mobile for her crib so I went online and researched what felt to use, the different techniques that can be used, and I got busy. Once I had it finished, I was overwhelmed with the joy I felt when creating this particular item. I knew instantly I wanted to keep making felt flowers and trying different and new techniques to come up with my own unique designs. I started out by making my own stencils for petals. I would choose a flower I liked and try to draw out the size and shape the petals should look like, and then use my stencil to trace on the felt and hand cut each piece. I made my first flower in July 2018, and still a majority of my flowers are hand drawn and hand cut although I do utilize my circuit maker for some flowers/projects whenever I can. I love to make anything I can think of that a flower or two would look beautiful on, so I try to not just make wreaths or mobiles and instead try to add other signs and décor items into my work. I definitely feel like I’m still learning and growing as an artist, and especially as a felt florist. I started selling my items on Etsy with the dream of inspiring others, bringing joy to customers who purchase my items, and as a stepping point to eventually grow my business.  

Clemmy lou designs felt flower wreaths and signs colorful home decor plant lover

How would you describe your home decor style? 

I would say my home décor style is a mix of rustic and farmhouse. I love the colors and designs of rustic pieces and I feel that they go so well with a farmhouse style.  

Clemmy lou designs colorful felt flower home decor
What inspires you when you get in a rut? 

I live in the Texas Hill Country and if you are familiar with it you know there are fileds and fields of wildflowers in the spring. Since the wildflowers are still out in bloom, when I’m in a rut after working on a big project or I feel my head isn’t in the game, just driving around and seeing the wildflowers all over my town and on the sides of the road usually gives me an instant boost of creative energy and I start planning in my head the different colors and flowers I can combine on a project. When the wildflowers aren’t out or I am being a hermit, sometimes I’ll see a painting or drawing online or on tv with a colorful collage of flowers and I before I realize it, I’m looking through my felt choosing colors to create my own colorful collage of flowers.  

Colorful succulent wreath for home decor clemmy lou designs

This beautiful succulent wreath can be purchased here.
What colors do you enjoy using in your art the most and why?  

Since I sell my items, I do try to offer a wide variety of color combinations to be able to offer something for everyone, however I love using bright and vivid colors. For me personally, bright colors are the ones that speak to me. Seeing a couple bright coordinating colors together is all it takes for me to start my new project. bright pinks, corals, and blues are usually my go-to’s.  

Clemmy lou designs colorful floral art for home

This lace floral piece can be purchased here
Where do you create most of your work, what is your space like?  

I quickly claimed half of my dining room table as my work space since I needed a place high enough no little hands can reach and a place with plenty of room to work. It has worked out nicely because my desk with my computer and my cricut maker are right by so I can cut with that while working at my table and not have to get up to add a new piece of felt or change the design. Recently I added a big bookshelf so I have a spot to keep my felt and all my other tools I use for my projects. I keep my items I rarely use, certain supplies, and extra inventory felt/supplies in my mud room/laundry room so my work corner can be somewhat organized and not overflowing with junk. I am an organized chaos type of person when it comes to my craft supplies and that isn’t always so easy on the eyes when we have visitors. It is a great place where I have plenty of room, ample lighting, and can keep a close eye on my kiddos when trying to work.  

Clemmy lou designs colorful felt flower decor for your home

You can purchase the rustic cow skull floral piece here
Name 3 crafters, artists or designers that you follow and love their work… 

I really like to follow all crafters of all kinds because seeing others work and growth is very inspiring to me and I just really enjoy seeing the different creations there are out there!

I love to always check out Benzie Designs Instagram page, I started following them when I started make felt flowers because that is where I buy my felt from and they were my first look into the world of felt. I love their page because I get so inspired by all the different the felt pallets and products they offer and they are great about showing all the different types of crafts that can be done with felt.

I also follow fLOhRA Design. When I was trying to learn the different ways to create flowers, I would watch her videos on YouTube and it really helped me get to where I am now. I always love to see her newest creations and get her latest tips and tricks. The best way to become a great crafter is by learning from others who have already walked in your shoes!

And lastly, if you couldn’t already tell I am pretty fond of my mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today in many ways if it wasn’t for her! Her work always inspires me and my own work. when I come up with a new idea to try, I always run it by her and she helps me build my idea and plan ways to create it.   

Colorful succulent artwork for home
What are your favorite items decorating your home and why? 

Almost every décor item I have in my house is something I made. Through the years I learned it was cheaper for me to make my own decorations vs buying them for my house. Some items I have made for me to keep but I do use a lot of the items I make to sell as décor until they are sold. I found it was a great solution for me to keep the items safe and unharmed while also having a place to store them at the same time. Sometimes the décor in my house in barer than others, and guests who visit often are almost always guaranteed to see new pieces on display each time they visit my house. Most of the items I make are very true to my style and fit in really well with my existing furniture and décor so I like to think you couldn’t tell I am just storing my for sale items and instead the look was intentional.  

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