Artist Interview: Color, Brought To Life In The Vibrant Paintings of Jessica Hitchcock

The lovely Jessica Hitchcock is our featured artist this week, she makes bright and colorful paintings, everything from abstract to floral, animals, city scapes and more! Her paintings seem to come to life with all the vibrant colors she uses. Below you will find a fun interview with her and beautiful photos of her work as well as a list of where you can find out more about her, if you’re not yet following her on Instagram be sure to, the process photos she shares as well as her exciting live stories are great fun!

Website: IG: jessica_hitchcock/ Facebook: https://www. jessicahitchcockart/ Jessica hitchcock colorful paintings colorful home decor art 1. Can you tell us about your work, when did you start creating? My artwork is very colorful, vibrant, and energetic.  The colors grab your attention and draw you in and once you’re up close to the pieces, you can see the movement, texture, brushstrokes, and depth of colorful layers.  There’s a lot going on in the paintings therefore a lot to look at. I paint various subjects, such as animals, florals, abstracts, city scapes, and so on, and each of them are filled with a plethora of color and movement. 

I was introduced to painting in high school and took a few studio courses in college while getting my business degree, but I really only started honing my skills in 2016.  I worked in the corporate realm of business/finance since 2009 then started working as the Finance Director of a non-profit art organization in St. Louis (Craft Alliance) in 2015.  I don’t know if it was being in that creative environment and surrounded by super talented artists but that’s around the time I picked up my paint brushes again and really started painting.  Over the past few years the demand for my paintings and commissions had grown so much, I was struggling to keep up with the demand.  Now, a business degree and ten years of finance/accounting experience later, I made the transition to a full time artist and business owner February 2019.

2. How would you describe your home decor style?

I would say my home decor is an eclectic / boho style.  I’ll be honest, my husband and I haven’t fully decorated our apartment with what we have in mind, but the areas that are decorated have a boho feel with pops of color and random decor.

3. What inspires you when you get in a rut?

Traveling, visiting new places, or going to local art exhibition.  I traveled to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico early March and the city is filled with so much color, interesting art galleries, and creative people, it’s overwhelmingly inspiring.  I love traveling to new places and that always sparks my creativity.  While traveling isn’t always feasible of course, visiting a new coffee shop or locally owned cafe does the trick.  Just getting out of the every day routine and being in a new environment puts me in a new frame of mind.  

I also find that seeing art exhibitions gets me out of a creative rut.  While I love art museums, seeing exhibitions from local artists (either in St. Louis or other cities) is really fantastic.  Being able to see what people are creating and learning about their stories is something that I’ve always enjoyed and makes me feel ‘creatively refreshed’.

Colorful abstract art painting jessica hitchcock

4. What colors do you enjoy using in your art the most and why? 

I noticed recently I use a lot of teal and pink.  Those two colors next to each other are so magnificent and they really create an energy that’s eye catching.  Even if I try to paint just one or the other, they still seem to wind up next to each other somewhere in almost every painting.

5. Where do you create most of your work, what is your space like? 

I create most of my work in my at home studio.  I just recently re-organized the room and moved things around to freshen it up so it feels like a new space now that I’m a full time artist.  It has an area for canvases and ‘inventory’, there’s an L-shaped desk, and what I call a ‘creative nook’ (which is my favorite spot in the room.)  The nook has a bright pink rug, with a barrel chair, foot rest, side table, and lamp.  It’s a great place to either sit and think, enjoy my morning coffee, and/or stare at a work in progress to decide on the next step in the painting.

6. Name 3 crafters, artists or designers that you follow and love their work…

1) Amira Rahim – if you check out her work, you’ll understand why right away.  Her work is full of color and energy like no other.  She also created a great artist community that focuses on helping one another, ask/answering questions each other may have, and learning new techniques.

Screen Shot 2019 05 28 at 9 30 03 AM

2) VOKA – He is an Austrian acrylic artist.  I love watching his YouTube channel with videos of him painting.  I was initially drawn to is color palette (obviously – it’s so bright and colorful) and I’m always in awe of his talent.  I would say he’s kind of my role model as an artist and how I create my works.  I’ve  even improved my technique just by watching him paint.  Me wearing white overalls while I paint is kind of my homage to him, for those wondering.

3) Kayla Weber Nord – She’s an artist in the Louisville area.  Her work is colorful and soft and I’m definitely drawn to it.  Not only her work, but I have been following her for a while now and I enjoy learning more about her story.  She and I seem very similar in the work we do for our art business (painting live, pop-ups, teaching classes, now both full-time artists, etc), and the fact that she and her husband enjoying traveling as well, makes her relatable to me personally and professionally.  I’m guessing we’re around the same age too so it’s really inspiring to me when I see all that she’s accomplished and how she continues to grow her business.

Jessica hitchcock st louis artist painter colorful art

7. What are your favorite items decorating your home and why?  

Artwork from 2D artists and ceramicists that my husband and I have gathered along our journey’s.  It’s special to look around our home and remember who created the artwork, or where we bought the artwork.  It’s all part of our story and very meaningful.  Another favorite is not exactly a specific item, but more so a space in our home, and it’s our record listening area.  We created the perfect space for us to sit, relax, listen to music, chat, and enjoy our coffees.

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