Artist Interview: Colorful and Mesmerizing Bubble Art by Seb Will Transport You To Another World!


If you’re a lover of colorful and unique artwork that you won’t see anywhere else, and are tired of seeing the same boring art prints at big box stores, we’ve got a treat for you! I was on Instagram the other day and stumbled upon the amazing bubble artwork of Seb, he mixes up a secret concoction of liquids and paints and captures the most mesmerizing bubble photos you’ll ever see! His one of a kind bubble art comes in a wide array of color combos, shapes and sizes. I love his art because it not only gives you an amazing burst of color on your walls, but also provides a depth that is meditative and thought provoking.  Seb was kind enough to take the time to answer some interview questions so we could get to know him and his art a little better.  Below are the direct links to his website where you can purchase his artwork, along with his Instagram and Facebook accounts which you totally should be following, he posts some pretty dreamy work.



Can you tell us about your work, when did you start creating?

Hi, my name is Seb and I create colorful bubbles! 

I started creating these bubbles fairly recently, only 2 years ago. Essentially, I mix a bunch of different liquids together – listing all the different liquids I use would be too long – and then take pictures of the colorful bubbles I produce in order to turn those pictures into art prints that brighten people’s spaces!!!

I’m obsessed with creating the most vibrant and plumpy bubbles you’ve ever seen in order to add a bold touch of color to your wall!

The first time I created these bubbles, my jaw dropped. I was mesmerized by what I was witnessing. And as I kept on creating more and more, I just kept on getting more and more fascinated. I’ve been doing it on a daily basis for two years now, and my amazement keeps growing! How can something so tiny be so full of color and intricate details? 

I feel truly blessed that not only can I enjoy seeing these bubbles live in my studio, but also share them with the world. I find it so fascinating that my amazement can be shared with the world, and to see people’s reaction is just so rewarding!

On top of that, the fact that people actually purchase them as prints in order to display on their walls? That’s just icing on the cake! You know, when I first started creating bubbles, I did not have a business model in mind. I just created them because I enjoyed it, and that’s why I still create every day. Everything else: the sales, the Instagram following… That’s just a very humbling byproduct, but not something I pursue.

How would you describe your home décor style?

It’s a blend of pastel colors and plants. Colors = life. Plants = life. I am currently in the middle of redesigning my place with one bold dominant color per room: pink for my living room, lilac for my bedroom, turquoise for the master washroom… I like bold colors in my work and in my life! 

Sadly, because I’m in the middle of redesigning everything, I don’t have any pictures to share at this current point in time because my place is an absolute mess. Between ladders, newspaper covered floors and gallons of paint everywhere, it’s just a mess.

I’ve been an archivist my whole life, right now I’m learning to let go of things and am going through a giant declutter phase. It’s been a month and a half, and I’ll probably be knee-deep in it for another month and a half, but I’m already really happy with the process.

What inspires you when you get in a rut?
If I ever am in a creative bind, my approach is always to go back to the basics. As an artist, you tend to equate expertise with complexity. At first you start and learn the basics, and then as you grow you complexify your approach. When I’m in a bind, when I’m in a rut, I try to get rid of all the fireworks that clutter your technique over the years and get back to the basics. That’s where I’ll rediscover the fundamentals that make up the core of creating art and rebuild upon those.

What colors do you enjoy using in your art the most and why?

That’s a very interesting question. You know, I once ran a meta-analysis of every piece I’ve ever created in order to find out what my color trends were. I find data comforting, so took a data-driven approach in order to find patterns in my work that I might not be not conscious of.

So, I inventoried every color in every piece in my back catalogue. 

The color that came back the most, by far? Yellow! 

Now, why is that so? I think it’s probably because it’s one of the lightest yet brightest colors. Yellow is the color that, when at its “fullest” hue is going to be the lightest and least overtaking. Every other color needs to be toned down so much in order to get a lighter hue out of it.

Where do you create most of your work, what is your space like?

Oddly enough, all of my art is created in my kitchen. As I said, I deal with a lot of liquids, so it’s easier to clean it up by quickly having access to a sink. I choose not to have a proper studio space in order to cut down on cost, so I repurposed a portion of my kitchen into a studio space. I really like it this way: I can create every day without having to take a step outside the house, so it makes it hard to come up with excuses not to create.

Name 3 crafters, artists or designers that you follow and love their work…

To be honest with you, no one. For me, inspiration must come from within; I’m not interested in what other artists do. I don’t want to be inspired by what other people do. 

When it comes down to my art and my décor, I have my own personal style. I’m driven by vision: what I see in my mind is what I must bring to life into this world. I don’t want to build upon what other people have done, or what other people say looks good or goes well together, or what the current trends are… I want to build upon what I see in my mind and bring it to life.

What are your favorite items decorating your home, and why?

From a functional standpoint, furniture is the most important element for me. As I said, I tend to be an archivist, so I tend to think of my space with storage in mind first and foremost.

Then, I build around that based on color. Aside from function, color is what truly animates me. I like uber-monochromatic rooms with one piece that breaks it up with a dramatic effect.

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