Artist Interview: The Cool and Colorful Popsicle, Lollipop and Ice cream Art Looks So Good You’ll Want To Eat them!

This weeks featured artist is Betsy Enzenberger, her sculptures are very unique and they honestly look so good you’ll want to eat them! For those of us foodies, having posters, artwork and sculptures dedicated to the foods we love commonplace in our home.  For those of you obsessed with the meltable dessert variety you’re in luck, she creates amazing works of art from resin, ice cream, popsicles and lollipops.  Some of her artwork is larger than life size, such as her lollipops, but it’s awesome because it shows the detail and candy coating so well, others like her ice cream are a more actual size.  Her work would be a great addition for any sweet tooth lover obsessed with frozen treats and would be a wonderful addition to a colorful shelf in your living room, kitchen or even kids room! Her soft serve ice cream without a doubt is on my birthday wish list, the best part is you can enjoy it year round without the added calories! Enjoy the interview below… 

If you’re not yet follow Betsy, be sure to follower her on Instagram and or Facebook to stay up to date with art shows she is having as well as new art she is creating, it’s a colorful feed to follow! 

Instagram: betsyenzenberger

Facebook: betsyenzenbergerart


Can you tell us about your work, when did you start creating?

I currently sculpt larger-than-life melted treats, such as Ice Cream Cones, Lollipops and Popsicles. Recently, I added a series of bananas to the mix too. Everything is made from cast resin, which is medium that I discovered about 10 years ago. (Before that I was a painter, but that’s old news.) Once I got my hands on this mysterious new material it was instant love. Someone asked me recently why I love resin so much. I mean, it’s messy, toxic and notoriously difficult to use. The challenge is what interests me. Overcoming obstacles, making mistakes then fixing them, being challenged by environmental conditions, injuries, studio disasters. These are all daily occurrences. In the end, I’m left with this beautiful, nostalgic, colorful, glittery sculpture. It’s a love affair.

Betsy enzenberger artist interview colorful pop art ice cream and popsicles

How would you describe your home decor style? 

My home decor is Modern – clean lines, neutral colors (whites and grays) with a lot of colorful art. I keep the walls and furniture neutral so that I can highlight the art. I’m not just an artist, I’m a collector. In fact, I enjoy investing some of my income into other artists. It’s so important to support each other.

What inspires you when you get in a rut?

All I need to do is smell the resin and I’m instantly motivated. I wish it was that easy for everyone.

Colorful soft serve ice cream art resin pop art food art betsy enzenberger

What colors do you enjoy using in your art the most and why? 

I love to use this White Paste resin pigment. By itself it creates a thick, opaque white goo. When mixed with transparent colors it transforms them into pastel, opaque versions of that color. Cheap thrills, I know.

Rainbow colored unicorn style resin popsicle pop art betsy enzenberger

Where do you create most of your work, what is your space like? 

I have a small studio space that I’ve divided into a sanding / sawing booth, a work table, and a finishing booth. In between these areas are large storage shelves where I have thousands of bottles of glitter, resin ink, fake ice cream toppings, molds, finished pieces, and safety equipment. Let me tell you about the safety equipment – from gloves to respirators to goggles, scrubs to ear protection. It’s not sexy. …Because of toxicity levels when I’m working I don’t invite too many people to my studio. It always looks chaotic, but is organized perfectly to aid my workflow.

Rainbow colored resin popsicle art betsy enzenberger


What are your favorite items decorating your home and why? 

A couple of my favorites are:

1.) A ceramic donut by Jae Yong Kim that I saved up for a loooooong time to be able to purchase. @jae_yog_kim_nyc

2.) An embellished unicorn statue by Emily Hillburg of Boy Tears @boytearsllc She painted blood drips on it, an eye patch, added a gun and wrote “Don’t Fuck With Me”. How can you not love that?

3.) Nina Jun’s ceramic balloons. She casts these life-size ballots, then glazes them with polka dots and other designs. I’ve collected two so far. They “float” up my wall and make me smile every time I catch a glimpse of them. @ninajunart (image attached)

Colorful home decor in betsy enzenberger home

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