Rainbow Colored Kids Rocking Chair DIY

My parents held onto the rocking chair I had in my childhood that I had got from my great grandma.  It was still in great shape, but was in serious need of a paint job!    I wanted to repaint it so Choo Choo could enjoy sitting on it in the living room. I wanted to … Read more

Colorful Large Floral Wall Decals For Little Girls Room

I wanted my daughter’s room to have a bright and colorful floral theme and one of the easier ways to create a floral space is with decals. I myself am not an artist, drawing even flowers would be a challenge for me, so I decided to use removable and repositionable vinyl wall decals.     I looked … Read more

Neon Colored Duct Tape Shoe Bench DIY with Duck Brand Duct Tape

We recently bought a new home that has a mudroom, which is great for the mud season. I was trying to find a way to organize our shoes and found this amazing bench, but it was all white and so boring. So I immediately was thinking about ways I could add color to it, but … Read more

Colorful Shag Rug Living Room Revamp with ShagRugs.com

As color lovers we all know how hard it is to find vibrant and colorful accent rugs for our homes…. And when we do find them they are typically way too expensive and out of our budgets, or don’t come in the bold colors or sizes we are looking for…. Look no further my rainbow … Read more

Funny and Colorful Kitchen Gallery Wall

Who doesn’t love a good Food pun? Especially if the art is bold and colorful. You’re sure to find a print or two that you love in this colorful funny kitchen gallery wall.  Artists and Prints Featured On The Funny/Punny Kitchen Gallery Wall I bought all of the frames from the local thrift store, most … Read more

Christmas Gallery Wall

Growing up both my family and my Grandparents home was always decorated with the traditional colors of Christmas, the reds and greens. I always wished there was more bright colors for the decorations, and now that I finally have my own space to decorate, I went wild and love how it turned out! I mixed … Read more

Rainbow Gallery Wall

If you love rainbows as much as I do, here are some fun ways you can create rainbows for your gallery wall, kids rooms or as a gift for a friend….  1. Beads 2. Straws 3. Marker dots 4. Large Confetti  5. Cupcake wrappers 6. Birthday Candles 7. Cup up rubber piece from pencil pads … Read more

Desert Themed Gallery Wall

This was the first ever themed gallery wall that I did, and unfortunately didn’t document my process as well as I do now for gallery walls. But this is what made me fall in love with the process of curating themed art and designing a gallery wall as a whole. It is featuring art that … Read more

Bold and Colorful Family Photo Gallery Wall

Finding bold colored photo frames at the big box stores is always a challenge, most of what you find it black, white, tan or has a light pastel color. I wanted something vibrant and colorful to match the style of our rainbow colored home and so I went onto Etsy to look for something unique … Read more

Colorful Music Themed Gallery Wall With Vinyl Record Player

Our family loves music, in fact, we love music so much that part of why we moved to Nashville was because of the wonderful live music.  It’s pretty spectacular during the summer time they have so many free concerts in the part and it’s fun to see up and coming folk, country, blues and rock … Read more

Funny and Colorful Bathroom Art Gallery Wall

Who doesn’t love 3rd grade bathroom humor? Farts, poop and boobs are still funny even as adults. When we bought our new home I knew exactly what theme I wanted for our master bathroom, a colorful third grade bathroom humor theme. The bathroom gallery wall features hilarious bathroom humor art from over a dozen artists, … Read more

Lady Ironside’s Colorful Rainbow Coffee Press and Matching Fruit Basket

Colorful and unique kitchen items that are quality made are such a struggle to find. The times that I do stumble upon a colorful coffee press it’s usually not well made. I was so excited to stumble upon Lady Ironside, their kitchen products are not only so colorful and fun, but are such good quality!  … Read more

The Most Colorful and Unique Coffee and Tea Mugs

It’s that time of the year when we gather together and sit on the couch snuggled up in a blanket watching our favorite holiday movies and staying warm by the fire. This rainbow roundup is all about the most colorful mugs to hold your coffee, hot cocoa or tea this winter. Below you will find … Read more