Bold and Colorful Family Photo Gallery Wall

Finding bold colored photo frames at the big box stores is always a challenge, most of what you find it black, white, tan or has a light pastel color.

I wanted something vibrant and colorful to match the style of our rainbow colored home and so I went onto Etsy to look for something unique and fun.

I found two of the best shops that sell frames on Etsy and I couldn’t be happier with the frames they sent to us.

We searched high and low, went through all the listings for frames, 100’s of them and these two Etsy shops couldn’t be beat! 

Screen Shot 2019 12 09 at 6 21 43 PM

The three larger frames with the distressed multi color style, I just love them when they are in a set of three, they really play off one another color mixtures in a fun way, they are from Red Echo Collective.

Screen Shot 2019 12 09 at 6 21 45 PM

The other frames you see that are solid colors are from Tammys Elegant Frames, I love their frames because they offer a wide array of solid bold colors and sizes that you can mix and match. 

Screen Shot 2019 12 09 at 6 21 48 PM

The small oval art pieces you see I made myself from wood scraps I found and just decopauged some recycled gift bags on to add a fun pop of pattern to the wall of frames. 

Screen Shot 2019 12 09 at 6 21 50 PM

I found this cute wooden plant hanger from Ikea, it was solid wood, but I added the colors to it with some acrylic paint and it was a real show topper for the corner area. 

Screen Shot 2019 12 09 at 6 21 40 PM

This space space was tied together with this colorful multi tassel garland I made and added solid wood beads too, Im a big fan or garlands they really tie a space together so well! 

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