Typically bath towels are solid neutral colors, but what if you made your bath towels the accent within the bathroom? Here are the funnest and most bold bathroom towels I dug up from the internet…. Below each image is the direct link to the site I found it on so you can purchase them if they are still available. The variety of shapes and styles would be pretty fun to rotate especially if you had white or light grey colored bathroom walls.

Colorful towel 1. Colorful Southwestern Basket Weave Print  5906 wavelengths a18 web 2. Diamond Strip Colorful Bath Towels  Light blue towels 3. Light Blue Geometric Shape Bath Towels 59036 helix web 4. Colorful Geometric Bubble bath towels  1618940244449c 5. Summer Time Colors Bath Towel  59037 ripple c18 web 6. Colorful Strip Cross Bath Towels  84004146578228p 7. Vintage Retro Style Bath Towels  Vj59 spectrum a17 web 8. Colorful Polka Dot Bath Towels Light blue and yellow bath towels 9. Pool Side Color Bath Towels  Colorful bath towels 10. Pretty Pastel Colored Towels  Green and pink towels 11. Spring Time Bath Towels  Vk55 stripe a17 web 12. Colorful narrow stripe bath towels