Rainbow Colored Kids Rocking Chair DIY

My parents held onto the rocking chair I had in my childhood that I had got from my great grandma.  It was still in great shape, but was in serious need of a paint job!    I wanted to repaint it so Choo Choo could enjoy sitting on it in the living room. I wanted to … Read more

Neon Colored Duct Tape Shoe Bench DIY with Duck Brand Duct Tape

We recently bought a new home that has a mudroom, which is great for the mud season. I was trying to find a way to organize our shoes and found this amazing bench, but it was all white and so boring. So I immediately was thinking about ways I could add color to it, but … Read more

LoopDeDoo Colorful Friendship Bracelet Making Machine Tutorial

I love making these Loop De Doo Colorful Friendship bracelets, they are so fun to make, don’t take a lot of materials and you can make them in minutes! The best part is the machine is hand crank so you don’t need any batteries and it lasts a long time! I’ve been making them for the … Read more

DIY: Colorful and Funky Vinyl Record Holder Box Tutorial

It’s aways a struggle to find the best way to store records. My husband and I love to listen to vinyl each day, we’ve never been a fan for keeping them on shelves since it’s hard to flip through and see what you have and pick something to listen to. I love how easy it … Read more

DIY: Boho Inspired Door Frame Bead Curtain Is Sure To Bring A Pop Of Color To Any Room

We recently moved from our native home of San Diego, CA to an apartment in Nashville TN for a change of pace and lower cost of living.  The apartment we moved into, as with all apartments has some things we really don’t like, but can’t change because it’s not our house we own, so we … Read more

DIY: Recycled Glass Jar Collection Display Idea For Your Home

Displaying collections in your home is a wonderful way to not only create an interesting space, but a wonderful way to enjoy the things you love! A quick, easy and free way to display collections of items that are smaller and sometimes hard to display is using recycled glass jars.  Just grab any old glass … Read more

DIY: Recycled 8 Track Tape Music Lyric Artwork For Your Home

Do you or someone you know love music? If so this is a quick, easy and fun project to make for gifts or to decorate your home with. All you need are some old 8 Track tapes, scrap book paper and a printer to print lyrics out with. You cut out the scrap book paper … Read more

DIY: Recycled Keepsake T-Shirt Artwork For Your Home

Everyone has a t-shirt that’s really worn out and ready for the trash, but you can’t seem to part with it. A shirt from a marathon you ran 10 years ago, a shirt from one of the most memorable concerts you attended or a shirt from you Childs elementary school. There are many meaningful ways … Read more

DIY: Colorful Circle Corkboards To Keep Your To Do’s Organized

A while back I found this wooden disks at the thrift store, I’m not sure what they were for, but I bought them at a local thrift store for 50 cents a piece.  I had come left over cork board mat, and decided to make some fun and colorful mini cork circle boards.  They are about … Read more