Colorful Large Floral Wall Decals For Little Girls Room

I wanted my daughter’s room to have a bright and colorful floral theme and one of the easier ways to create a floral space is with decals. I myself am not an artist, drawing even flowers would be a challenge for me, so I decided to use removable and repositionable vinyl wall decals.     I looked … Read more

Be Transported to the Colorful, Tropical, Lush Bohemian Paradise Home of La Boheme House Of The Wishing Tree

Colors, textures and patterns coming together in a mystical symphony that creates a vibe of peace and tranquility pretty much sums up the magical home of Jo, better know on Instagram as La Boheme House Of The Wishing Tree. Jo’s home is stunning, she always has such fresh and vibrant pieces within her home that she seems … Read more

Home Tour: Colorful Retro Digs of Nikki from Collected Home

The home of Nikki is so unique, I really enjoy how each area of her home has something interesting and fun to look at. She has lots of colorful vintage collectables as well as one of a kind artwork pieces all tied together with the beautiful bright colors she has throughout her entire home. The … Read more

Home Tour: Banyan Bridges, Fun and Funky Unconventional Home Full of Colorful Unique DIY Painted Wall Murals By Racheal Jackson

The home of Racheal Jackson of the Banyan Bridges Account on Instagram has a truly unique home. Majority of people use gallery walls, shelving and photos to decorate walls, she uses those items too, but has a constant focus on unique wall murals in most of her rooms in the home. I love her unique … Read more

Top 20 Most Colorful, Bold and Eclectic Home Decor Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following For Daily Inspiration

Colorful, Bold, Eclectic, Boho, Plants, Thrift Store Finds, Upcycled Decor, DIY, if these are the things that you crave in your home decor style you’re in the right place! For the past year I have been combing through the 1,000’s of home decor accounts on Instagram in search for the very best home decor accounts … Read more

Home Tour: Tropical and Bright Indonesian Home of Artceil, full of plants and love

I stumbled upon the home of Instagrammer Artceil, her home is so bright, open and tropical I just love the vibe. She has lots of beautiful bright yellows and light blues throughout the entire home. I also love her use of plants in the space, it really brings the outside in and makes it feel … Read more

Home Tour: The Epic Colorful Gallery Wall Home of Emma, better know as the FlawSomeHome Will Inspire You

The most epic amount of colorful, whimsical and eclectic gallery walls I’ve seen in my entire life all single handedly come from the Northern Ireland 1930’s home of Emma, better know on Instagram as the FlawSomeHome. Her house is jam packed with thoughtfully curated gallery walls that will make you droll, no joke, the one … Read more

Home Tour: Earthly Urban Design Home of Christin in Stockholm Sweden is a Skate Board Lovers Dream

I love stumbling across homes that have unique collections, artwork and bold color, the lovely home of Christin did not disappoint. She runs the Instagram account Earthly Urban Design, and also has an online website where she offers design services and a very informative and inspirational blog too! Her home is in Stockholm Sweden and … Read more

Home Tour: The Colorful Kid Friendly Boho Home In Queensland Australia of Brandi Love, The Hectic Eclectic

Todays home tour is straight out of Queensland, Australia. It’s the beautifully eclectic and colorful boho inspirited home of Brandi Love. Her home is bursting at the seams with a playful, colorful and experimental feel.  Each room in her home has something unique and fun to look at in each and every corner. She doesn’t … Read more

Home Tour: A Whimsical Wonderland of Color and Vintage Collections at Maija’s Home In Finland

Although the love of using bold colors in home decor in the United States is slowly growing, it seems that other areas of the world really have it together, lately I have found a ton of lovely homes on Instagram from Finland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway that rock all colors of the rainbow throughout … Read more

Home Tour: Betina’s Colorful Boho Home and Craft Studio Full of Collections and Vintage Finds

Betina’s beautiful boho home is filled to the brim with magical collections every single area your eyes land upon. She has collections of plants, knick knacks, cameras, books, art, dried flowers, baskets, purses, plates, scissors, tea kettles and more! I really enjoy how her space not only feels warm and cozy, but also has the … Read more

Home Tour: Corine’s Colorful Vintage Inspired Floral Cottage in the Netherlands

Corine’s home in the Netherlands is nothing short of a dreamy cottage style landscape filled with vintage finds, colorful knick knacks and whimsical arrangements. What we can learn from Corine most is her ability to arrange the entirety of a space, every nook and cranny has something of interest whether it be a bundle of … Read more

Home Tour: Judith de Graaff’s Bright and Vibrant Plant Filled Home In France

Judith de Graaff a graphic designer living in France has a very unique home, it’s a loft with 27 rooms and it’s for sale too! The entire space is full of natural light, beautiful plants and awesome artwork.  Judith has the ability to really tie spaces together so well with so many unique styles and … Read more