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 Hi, I’m Kim LaPlante, and since a young age I have always had a love for decorating and gardening, it just always seemed to bring me balance, joy and clarity.  Also, the wonderful feeling of peace and happiness you get from a well decorated space is something that has long motivated me to continue to develop my skills and gain inspiration from everything around me. My husband and I are currently working to pay off our debt and become debt free which really limits spending money on decorating the house and yard…

I was trying to think of how I could scratch my decor and garden itch with our spending money and share wonderful and inspirational ideas with the world on how to create a unique and one of a kind spaces for your home, and so Dig and Hang was born. I plan on taking photos of local San Diego area homes and gardens that will inspire you and might just give you the spark you need for your next home project! I will go into more detail on the meaning of Dig and Hang in another post, but for now, I wanted to kick off the blog with the first post being our home.

Welcome to the LaPlante home, our style can be summed up by the following words, Colorful and Eclectic, with gallery walls everywhere, collections of quotes and pieces of mother nature with a splash of retro.  Hope you enjoy the tour……

retro, vintage, livingroom, colorful

My three main colors are green, yellow and orange, but I welcome each and every color into the space making it playful, one of a kind and eclectic. My friends and family that come over to visit always say my home is like an ever changing art gallery, I love that!

IMG 9373 IMG 9361

I had this silver colored funky glass vase for the longest time and have tried many different plants in it, but this Florida Red Ruffle plant is the perfect fit for not only the vase, but the location, it provides a focal point between both of the my window chairs.

IMG 9369 Record Player Decor Area

My husband and I are not too big into movies and tv, when we do watch them we watch it on our laptops, we are however big into music. Our record player is the central feature in our living room, we always have vinyl records going, we are big fans of the Avett Brothers, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart, CCR, and many others, my husband is a big Willie Nelson fan, me, not so much I am really into Jack Johnson, he, not so much, so we take turns in making a musical sacrifice for the other haha!

IMG 9400

We love to be outside going on walks, bike riding, camping, hiking.  I’ve always been drawn to collecting seashells, sticks, cactus skeletons, pine cones and anything else neat that we find on our journeys, I’ve found that glass jars are a really neat way to display your finds.  I just keep jars from pickles or, find neat glass jars at thrift stores or sometimes even use mason jars.

IMG 9386

If you ask my husband where my decor money goes to… it would be in the following order, plants, pillows and candles.  I don’t know what it is about a great pillow, it just give so much warmth comfort and love, I’m like the cat lady, but with pillows… don’t get me wrong though, I am really, really, really picky with my pillows, I like unique designs and always have to get pillows with zippers so the cover can be washed…. My all time favorite is the fall leaf pillow, since fall is my favorite season!

Shelf knick knacks IMG 9333

I’ve always wanted to have a beach themed bathroom, mainly because I’m from San Diego and have been collecting seashell specimens since I could walk… so the bathroom was the perfect place to display them all. The bathroom had this tile work done, its lovely, but not my style, I have a much more colorful funky style, so I had to tone my normal style down a few notches to make it fit the space, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

IMG 9269 IMG 9292

I got this long shallow wooden bowl for Christmas a few years back and could never figure out what to use it for, you can’t wash it so using it for food is tricky, and we don’t entertain much so I didn’t need it for the kitchen. It was perfect to sit on the toilet and hold my treasured collection of seashells and a candle, I even threw some sea creature looking air ferns into the mix, and its one of my favorite items in my entire home!

Beach themed bathroom IMG 9305

I purchased about 10 Air ferns from a retired military vet that now grows them in his home and sells them at local markets I really wanted to showcase their beauty with the shapes of the shells and drift wood I have found over the years…. This shelf puts a smile on my face each morning I am getting ready for work in the morning.

IMG 9299 Seashell shelf in bathroom IMG 9437

We have an extremely small bedroom so space is very limited, but I did my best to make it feel comfortable and maximized space as best I could we have our “love gallery wall” in our bedroom, it contains our wedding photos, and any mushy love related stuff…. I used some old cigar boxes I found at a thrift store as little shadow box shelfs on the very narrow wall space by the small high window.

Colorful boho bed area IMG 9449

I don’t really enjoy standing in the bathroom to get my hair ready and put on my lotion etc. so, knowing I had very limited room I made a wall vanity area, and I love it. It has a mirror, my hats, my purse, my essential oils, my lotion, deodorant and my brush as well as jewelry.  Not only is it functional, but it looks great, by making it into a wall gallery to mimic the main wall by the bed it ties in and does look like nothing more than a storage space, it has an appealing flair to it that I really enjoy.

IMG 9491

I really want to incorporate some art we bought while on our honeymoon in Tennessee Smokey Mountains, I was able to fit in this small oil painting as well as this ceramic leaf.

Closet organization IMG 9457 IMG 9459

It took me a while to properly organize the closest so it functioned best. I always keep empty hangers in the middle of the my husband and I’s clothing. It helps to make empty hangers easy to find when laundry is ready to hang, but also keeps his clothes from mixing with mine.  I also used our folded blankets as a divider on the top shelf so his pants don’t get mixed up with mine. And the dirty clothing hamper is easy to get to with the shoe storage box. Luckily this small space doesn’t faze us much, we’re not clothes people as you can tell, haha.

IMG 9514

This is my sanctuary, my husband was kind enough to let me have the larger room in the home for my craft room/office. It is my happy place when I want to be alone and thing aside from the backyard hammock of course. This is my desk with colorful circle cork boards and my blue baby bedspring inspirational quote board. I found the bed spring in the trash years ago and thought it would make for a fun note board, and I am a huge quote junkie so I love being able to enjoy both!

IMG 9510

This is where I stand to work on craft projects or assembling things, I also have a vintage sewing table holding my bead bins and yet another gallery wall, I keep the mostcolorful artwork in my craft room.

IMG 9513 Colorful desk area IMG 9517

I love my Ikea square shelves, I display my photos in them along with things from my autumn wedding, luckily I can get away with having such fragile things on the shelf at this point with no kids and two little dogs, down the road this most likely will not be possible though…. So I will enjoy it while it lasts.

IMG 9507

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