Garden Tips: Colorful and Whimsical Gnome Garden Inspiration for Your Home Yard

Who doesn’t love garden gnomes?! I’ve been a long time fan but was curios to see other peoples garden gnome creations. If you already have a mini gnome garden you might get some new ideas or additions for your creation, or if you are looking to build your very first gnome garden this is a great place to gather some unique and wonderful ideas. All of these gnome gardens were found on Instagram, Credit is given below each image.

GoWildBoutique  This is from the cover photo… I just LOVE the bright and cheerful color in this gnome garden, the moss is a great option for the grass and that camp fire is so awesome, I’ve never seen that before, it’s so cute!

Unique beach gnome garden

SnowysHumans   This garden really caught my eye, perhaps because I have grown up living right next to the beach in San Diego, I love how this is a beach gnome garden, it even had the beach ball, BBQ and the sea shells, it would be so wonderful at a beach from home porch as a display.

Gnome garden ideas

1. TwoLittleFeet32   The little cottage is adorable, the little bird bath and OMG the two little snail guys, so cool.

2. DigandHang  This is my gnome garden I have at my work, I love watching it grow, it’s been very happy in its sunny spot below my skylight for the past 3 years.

3.  PlantDaddy_SD   This home was so wonderful, I just love the vines going up the side of the home. The gnome on the swing was the cherry on top!

Colorful gnome garden idea for pot

 Deni1814  I really like how colorful this one is, it was so smart of them to incorporate colorful flowers in it, I don’t know what those flowers are called, but they look great, almost like a fuzzy bush.

Beach gnome garden idea and married gnomes

1. Shelby_Marks Another wonderful beach scene, I like how they used what looks like fish pebbles for a tank, the color of blue is great, and the little sign near the gnome is great.

2. CoveredByHisFeathers27  This is a great gnome garden idea for any one that gnomes of someone getting married soon, what a great bridal shower gift right?!

3. BrandyBrakeMe  Love how they use succulents for the bushes in the gnome garden.

4. Elerien_Faye  How cleaver was it to use a rock, paint the door and windows on there and prop it up against the grass mound? It looks like a little home, and honestly these gnomes look the most fun, it looks like a real party is going down there!

Colorful gnome town

WendyLee33 This gnome garden blew my mind, it’s not just a single home, it’s a village of gnomes, fairies and trolls. I just LOVE the river with the bridge and the walkway, such close attention to detail and so whimsical, I want to be transported there and walk around!

Gnome garden village ideas for yard

1. Marybeth_Ostrom  This one was unique, it’s in a red wagon and is a farm theme gnome garden, the mini crops, pigs and ducks are too darn cute!

2. DrinkCreativelySpringfield  I’m really into the sleepy gnomes… this guy looks like he is really living it up next to the creek day dreaming, how peaceful.

3. Pet_Shop_Kins  I love the multilayered effect this set up had with the many posts stepping down from one another, very cool!

Gnome garden with home and recycled tile

Suzd56  I really like how they used the tile and the fire place, flag and mail box, it looks like a legitimate little human home, wonderful.

Gnome village garden

 VickiFitz1919  This set up is so cute with the gnomes all matchy matchy, it’s like a little woodland scene with the deer hanging out at dinner time.

Succulent gnome garden

JenDiann30  I am sooooo loving this all succulent gnome garden, I may be bias because my gnome garden is succulents too, but they are so low maintenance, and for the most park grow nice and slow, so you don’t have to swap them out as often.

Unique gnome garden ideas for yard

1. Saxon3072  I had to crop the photo to fit it, but this gnome garden is made in an old sink, wayyyyy cool!

2. LaceyK413  So colorful and fun, and I just love the rock lady bug they made.

3. Darthaier  This is by my favorite home, I just love the classic red mushroom style, and the little wheelbarrow with all the mushrooms pilled up, so cute.

4. Briannavinton  This was neat how they placed an entire gnome garden village scene on the side of a hill in what looks like their back yard.

Colorful gnome home garden

TheLadyWallace The variety of fun plants that they used in this gnome garden was really great, I wish I knew what ground cover they used in the very front, I looks like there are little white flowers in it too.

Gnome garden gnome laundry

MichelleAitcheson  A unique take on gnome gardens, even the gnomes have to do their laundry each week, here is the proof!

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