Colorful Large Floral Wall Decals For Little Girls Room

I wanted my daughter’s room to have a bright and colorful floral theme and one of the easier ways to create a floral space is with decals. I myself am not an artist, drawing even flowers would be a challenge for me, so I decided to use removable and repositionable vinyl wall decals.


Flower themed little girls room

Pretty floral vinyl wall decals


I looked around quite a bit to find decals that were beautiful and full of color, but also easy to attach to the wall, and easy to remove and reposition without damaging my walls. 

I found a fantastic company called Mej Mej, they are a wonderful family run company that creates the most colorful and fun vinyl wall decals for not only childrens rooms and spaces, but many rooms throughout your home.


Dig and Hang Jumbo floral vinyl wall decal

Removable vinyl wall decals 


I decided to go with Mej Mej’s jumbo flowers, the cool thing is they come in many different sizes, so you can get smaller or larger sizes, whatever fits best in the space you are using them.


Removable and repositionable vinyl wall decals

Bright colorful floral vinyl wall decals 


They come on large pieces of paper that you easily peel off, and for the jumbo sized vinyl stickers they come in different sections so you don’t have to struggle getting one large sticker up, they break them down into 4-5 pieces, which is super helpful! 


Flower vinyl wall decals for toddlers room

Colorful kids room vinyl wall decals


The variety of prints they offer is amazing, there is really something colorful and fun for every room in your house. Some of my favorite colorful vinyl wall decals from them are….

The Watercolor Rainbow Polka Dots

Il 794xN 1464437529 fgae

The large Rainbow

Il 794xN 2050683261 kdyv

Rainbow Watercolor Triangles 

Il 794xN 1464433045 gx94

Colorful Ice Creams 

Il 794xN 1193996170 hjih

Colorful Confetti 

Il 794xN 1193998674 nukk

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