Colorful Shag Rug Living Room Revamp with

As color lovers we all know how hard it is to find vibrant and colorful accent rugs for our homes…. And when we do find them they are typically way too expensive and out of our budgets, or don’t come in the bold colors or sizes we are looking for….

Look no further my rainbow friends, I stumbled upon a company that solves all those problems for us!  has a huge variety of bold colors to choose from along with sizes and shapes too!

Livingroomwith rugs

I actually discovered them on my own while going down the Instagram rabbit hole one evening afterwork and fell in love with the color section they had, and knew I had to reach out to them and share them with you! This is an Ad and I was gifted the four rugs you see, but as always, I only work with brands I know are amazing and you will love!

This is the Ikea rug we have had for the past 5 years, its colorful and fun, but not big enough, it’s very thin and itchy. We sit on the floor a lot to play with Autumn and I decided it was time for something way more playtime friendly!

IMG 8052

IMG 9630

These are the colors we went with…

Grass Green  7×7

Tiger Orange 8×8

Turquoise  4×4

Tuscan Sunshine Yellow 5×5

They have a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes too, their website is super easy to search for exactly what you need for any space in your home. And they have different styles of rugs too, I went with the classic shag rug.

It made SUCH a difference in our space, the past few nights both my husband and I have enjoyed laying on it playing with our daughter, it is such a cozy and fun place to lay and play or listen to music with our daughter (were big record player and music video watchers).

It giver her a wonderful cozy space to play and discover. I decided to layer the rugs and make it look like one, the furniture is all holding most of the rugs down, the only loose one is the turquoise.  The different layers of rug doesn’t really bother me at all, its nice to have different spots to sit, lay and relax.

I love how you can layer, move and alter the design however you like, and did I mention these rugs are super affordable unlike a lot of colorful bold rugs out there, you totally have to give them a look, they rock!

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