Colorful Vintage Christmas Decorations Inspiration

The classic and traditional red and green Christmas trimmed decorations was what both my Mom and Grandma’s homes always had… and as an adult I really wanted to break away from the “traditional” red and green and go with fun, funky and colorful vintage atomic style. I LOVE how the colors are so fun and really pop! I say lets take full advantage of the holiday time and milk the heck out of all the colors.

At the moment I currently don’t have a home of my own to decorate, so I thought I would search and high and low on the inner-webs and dig up some colorful vintage Christmas glory, hopefully you too get the warm and fuzzies and also get some inspiration for trimming your tree and decking your halls this year!

Colorful retro vintage christmas deer collection thats colorful

If this bright and cheerful collection of vintage Christmas deers doesn’t put a freaking smile on your face, I don’t know what will, I’m literally dancing in my mind right now, this display is so pretty, if you are not yet following Collected Home on Instagram, follow her now, her home is a dream!  Credit:

Vintage yellow christmas tree retro colorful ornaments for christmas

This is the first ever yellow Christmas tree I’ve seen, she did such a wonderful job with trimming it, it’s so festive and fun. Credit:

Colorful yellow christmas tree with rainbow colored ornaments retro and vintage style

Here is a close up of the fun ornaments she has on her tree, Love the shelf decor as well! Credit:

Colorful vintage christmas shelf decoration ideas for Christmas shelf decoration ideas

I am so in LOVE with the decor style of Credit: her style is modern, yet has a vintage feel, she has tons and tons of craft tutorial ideas on her sit, it’s a goldmine of ideas and inspiration. I thought this Christmas shelf display was genius and so very fun!

Bright colorful and cheerful christmas decoration tutorials

Some fun Christmas tree forest tutorial ideas on her site, this would make great centerpieces on the dinner table at Christmas time! Credit:

Rainbow colored christmas decoration ideas and inspiration

Her design of an entire room is even fun and colorful! Credit:

Colorful christmas ornament display ideas for wall christmas ornament display

This is such a wonderful idea for those of us who have too many ornaments for our tree, or have special ones that we don’t want to hang, but still want to admire during the season, I so want to build myself one of these, or even a few, such a great idea! Credit:

Merry and bright colorful christmas decorations peppermint tree decorations

The oversized ornaments on the fireplace mantel in rainbow colors…. OMG I’m dying from a cuteness overload here! Wow Credit:

Colorful pastel retro christmas decorations

This style is so unique, I really enjoy the pastel Christmas decorations, you don’t really see that as often, usually very bright colors are used, I thought this was so unique and refreshing! Credit:

Colorful pastel christmas decorations vintage

Here is a closeup of the last picture, I can’t get enough of the pastels, it’s such a different take on colorful Christmas decor, she did a wonderful job! Credit:

Small vintage silver tinsel tree with vintage colorful ornaments

I thought this was such a cleaver idea to place a small tree into a crate and have all the ornaments piled at the bottom, wonderful way to still enjoy all the colorful ornaments even if you don’t have enough space on the tree, the scale basket was also a win!  Credit:


OMG my mom would lose it if she saw this, she is a huge fan of deers, I thought it was such a wonderful and whimsical display and had to share! Credit:

Colorful vintage christmas decorations

The pyrex Christmas themed cart is such a great way to bring Christmas decor into the kitchen, which is always a space I struggle to decorate aside from the obvious Christmas flower bouquet. And I am in so much love with the vintage colorful ornament wreath, I would die if I had this in my home, it’s so rad isn’t it?! Credit:

Silver tinsel tree vintage santa collection shiney bright

I’m not normally big on Santa decor, but I really like how they mixed up the Santa decor with the mint green pyrex very cleaver in that it breaks up the Santas and gives a lot of interest. And who can’t love another silver tinsel tree, the Christmas tree skirt is also really cute. Credit:

Vintage style colorful christmas wreath made by craft and tell

This wreath was made by Craft and Tell, they provide the tutorial on how to make this beautiful vintage inspired Christmas wreath, its amazing, and she also has lots of other wonderful craft tutorials you should check out! Credit:

Colorful christmas tree with vintage christmas ornaments retro style

If you have not yet heard of Jennifer Perkins, you need to head over to Instagram and follow her, her style is so colorful, fun and funky. I love everything that she does, our styles are very similar. She posts lots of beautiful photos, ideas and tutorials onto Instagram and her site Credit:

Colorful vintage santa christmas decorations

The color pop looks great with the Santa collection, I am really digging the multicolor snowflakes she places at the top! Credit:

Neon colored christmas decorations

Jennifer has a wonderful ability to make every corner in the room interesting, the mixing and matching that she does it spot on, it really brings the entire room together! Credit:

Colorful vintage Christmas deer collection

Another wonderful Christmas deer collection, I love the shelving she displayed them on, and that Santa in the old truck is the cutest! Credit:

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