Dia De Los Muertos Gallery Wall

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) is a beautiful Mexican holiday where families gather and remember those who have passed away over the years. The build a beautiful alter with flowers, art, candles, and food.  It is said that the souls of the family members are able to come visit the family on this day. The tradition is not only beautiful, but extremely colorful, vibrant and fun! 

I grew up in San Diego, in a town called Chula Vista, about five minutes from the Mexico boarder. The Mexican culture played a huge role in my life since majority of my friends were Mexican I would partake in Mexican food and traditions all the time. This is one of my favorite holidays they celebrated and I have always wanted to build an alter of my own and finally decided to make it happen. 

My Dia De Los Muertos gallery wall features handmade arts and crafts from 6 artist that have Etsy shops, below I will feature their shops so you can easily find their work and purchase some for your home if you love it! 

Aside from the beautiful artwork I featured I made a number of items on this wall and will tell you below how I made them so if you want to create your own you can, simply click on their name to be taken directly to their Etsy shop…. 

Featured Artists and Crafters on this Dia De Los Muertos Gallery Wall… 

1. Carving Image – Created the beautiful wooden sugar skulls that I have hanging by themselves all over my wall. 

2. Birch Bark Doves- Sell the traditional tin Mexican folk art heart that I framed in the purple frame. I comes with a circle on top so you can hang it. 

3. Southern Dream Design- Sell the bold blue handpaintet sugar skull, it even comes with a small flameless tea candle to light up at night. 

4. Zlatoena Graphics- Illustrated the adorable Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton graphics as well as the sugar skull with banners. 

5. Discover Mas- Sell the bold and bright tassels and pom poms with the felt sugar skulls.

6. Tennessee Creations- Creates the handmade colorful Crete paper flowers I featured in several vases throughout the wall. 

Dia De Los Muertos Art

For this colorful and bold Day of the Dead gallery wall I started at the top with a doily garland. I purchased some doilies at the thrift store for a few bucks each and I painted them with acrylic craft paint. It does take a lot of paint because the fabric sucks it up quickly. But it us easy to paint them, once they dry then you take them, cut them in half and carefully glue them onto a string, you can layer the as I did with hot glue. 

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I wanted to use some shelves to place my sugar skulls and flower vases on, so I went again to the thrift store and bought three shelves each for about 3-5 bucks. I painted them with a base coat of white paint and then did each one a solid color and added a colorful tassel or pom pom accent ribbon glued not the rim to really make it pop, I just love how the boldness of the mini tassels takes the colorful shelf to a whole other level!

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I wanted a wreath, so I made one. I just got a foam wreath circle from Michaels and 6 colors of bold and neon felt, 4 piece of each color. I cut the felt into strips and cut the tips all the way down and then rolled and glued it. I started placing them onto the wreath so the colors and sizes were balanced. I added tin sugar skills and places colorful bubble bottle skulls to it. 

The small poncho with pom poms is a scrap piece of fabric that I glued some of the pom pom accent to. 

I also made the neon layer tassel to balance the other one with the sugar skull.  You just make as many tassels as you like and glue them to one another vertically, you can add bead accent at the top if you like. 

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I made the foil sugar skull art. All you do is get a 8-10 sized blank coloring page of a sugar skull, cut it out and glue it to cardboard then use a hot glue fun to outline the design you want do it is raised, then take a glue stick and coat it all over, then press a piece of foil into it, starting in the middle working your way out slowly so it does rip. Then you color with permanent marker. 

Colorful dia de los murtos gallery wall

I also got all of my frames from the thrift store and repainted them, I love the thrift store because you can find amazing frames for cheap that just need a new coat of paint. 

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