DIY: Boho Inspired Door Frame Bead Curtain Is Sure To Bring A Pop Of Color To Any Room

We recently moved from our native home of San Diego, CA to an apartment in Nashville TN for a change of pace and lower cost of living.  The apartment we moved into, as with all apartments has some things we really don’t like, but can’t change because it’s not our house we own, so we work with what we’ve got.  For the most part we like it, but we really dislike the weird layout and the grey walls, we prefer white walls because it makes our artwork pop so much more and lets much more light in.  

This particular area was really bothering me because its this little carpeted area leading to a short linen closet and then to our room, it’s a naked space with limited color because we can’t put anything on the wall with the door there…. So I thought a colorful boho style bead draped curtain on the doorway would help to give the space a pop of color. 

Below are the steps on how to make your own, if you have any doorways or windows in your home that are in need of a little color love, go ahead and give it a try! 

Colorful boho bead curtain for doorway in home diy craft tutorial

First what you will need to do is measure the area you want the curtain to go so you have an idea of the string you need to cut, I used a thin hemp string for mine. Once you measure the length cut it 3-5 times as long. If you want longer sides hanging down go longer, you can also make two of them so they are layered if you like. For the beads I gather broken jewelry from thrift stores and strip them apart to recycled most of the time its much cheaper than buying new beads at the craft stores. 

Dig and hang colorful boho bead doorway curtain craft tutorial eclectic boho home

Once you have your measured piece of hemp or string, make sure that it can go through the size hole of the beads you have, I used larger beads with big holes, if you have smaller beads with small holes, you may need to us fishing line. Tie the first bead onto the end with 4-5 square knots and you’re good to start stringing. 

If you want random mismatched beads just go ahead and throw them on, but if you want your design to symmetrical and match on both sides, you need to take the same bead and place it in a side bowl each time you place it onto the string and track where the halfway mark is. Once you get to the halfway mark, begin to match the same beads on the way back from the middle and it will be the same.  

Colorful boho beaded doorway curtain diy craft tutorial

Just be patient with the pattern and design if you want it to be exactly the same on both ends, match on section at a time once you hit the halfway mark. Once you are done again tie the end with 4-5 square knots. 

Colorful diy boho beaded curtain for doorway eclectic colorful home

To hang mine I used clear pushpins, I put on on each corner of the doorway and found the length I wanted for hanging on the sides, if you did the same pattern on each just be sure to match it accordingly when you hang. 

IMG 1213

This was the end results I am so happy with it, it really brought the pop of color I wanted since I was really limited on what I could do in the space with the door there. Have fun making your own, there are lots of options for it, you could do one or two colors, rainbow, woods, seashell beads, metallic etc. 

IMG 1214

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