DIY: Recycled Keepsake T-Shirt Artwork For Your Home

Recycled tshirt canvas art for home trashy crafter 3

Everyone has a t-shirt that’s really worn out and ready for the trash, but you can’t seem to part with it. A shirt from a marathon you ran 10 years ago, a shirt from one of the most memorable concerts you attended or a shirt from you Childs elementary school. There are many meaningful ways to recycle and continue to enjoy our favorite t-shirts, such as t-shirt quilts and tote bags. If you anything like me I love some of my shirts enough that I want to look at it every day in my home, this t-shirt canvas idea is the perfect thing if you are looking for a way to enjoy your favorite shirt as artwork in your home.

Recycled tshirt canvas art for home trashy crafter 5

It’s really simple to do, all you need is an old t-shirt that you love, a canvas that sits the size of the t-shirt design you want to keep and display, and a brush and some modpodge, all you go it take the shirt and cut it to fit the canvas, then put a good layer of modpodge onto the canvas and carefully rub the shirt onto the canvas pushing out any air bubbled slowly. Once the is try place 2-3 more coats of modpoge onto the top of the shirt, if you like you can spray it with protective clear lacker as well, and you will have beautiful art with you favorite t-shirt the you can enjoy for years to come. You can even use small sized canvases to make a collage of t-shirt artwork! Have fun!

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