Everyday Objects Turned Into Hypnotic Rainbow Art, Interview with Artist Adam Hillman

Pure joy and wonder were the exact emotions ignigted from my head to my toes when I first stumbled upon the colorful and unique art of Adam Hillman. Am I over exaggerating in the slightest? Not at all, it takes just one look at any of his pieces for you to realize the shocking juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity all rolled into one.

He takes everyday objects and turns them into rich, colorful pattern filled creations. Everything from candy to office supplies is fair game for his creations.

He calls himself an object arranger, which totally fits the bill for all the elaborate and detailed work involved in each piece. I’m sure the process of him making one of these creations is very timely, but well worth the magic and delight it creates! 

If you’re not yet following him on Instagram, grab your phone right now and do so, you can thank me later. He also sells prints of his colorful art in his online Society 6 shop, you can find a direct link to below.  


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ witenry/

Shop: https://society6.com/adamhillman

Colorful pattern art

1.Can you tell us about your work, when did you start creating? 

I started creating art around 10 when I filled sketchpads with comics I drew and continued on to create abstract paintings and drawings in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, but I didn’t begin making the arrangements I’m known for now until 2015.

I began these after I joined a photography group in 2014, and my arrangements of everyday objects utilize geometric patterns, colorful gradients, and graphic contrasts to create optical illusions which transcend their overlooked aesthetic potential.

Rather than saving them as sculptural objects, the final, delicately ephemeral arrangement of objects is discarded, but saved photographically when it is done. 

Colorful art made from candy

                                                                                                            (photo credit for portrait: Harold Ordonez)

2. How would you describe your home decor style? 

My home decor style showcases my own artistic production and that of the artists I most admire, and I feel most comfortable when art in general is a major part of my living environment.

Although my living environment is (surprisingly) messy, my living space is predominantly filled with my art books, which I use for study and inspiration, and pieces that I’ve made throughout my artistic career. I also have quite a few of the materials I utilize in my arrangements stored around my room, such as paper clips and toothpicks, so in some ways there’s no separation between my artistic practice and my everyday life.

Unique colorful artwork rainbows

3. What inspires you when you get in a rut?

Looking at other artists’ work is very important for jumpstarting my creativity, and looking at work by various artists, designers, and movements in my art books helps me get out of my current mindset and think about my work differently.

Likewise, looking online on various subreddits, Tumblr accounts, and Instagrams are very important, and whether it’s the newest trends or largely abandoned archives, inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, whether it’s the hottest photo on https://www.reddit.com/r/oddlysatisfying/ or the artist Keegan Mchargue’s blog devoted to overlooked artists https://mauvedeep.tumblr.com.

Lastly, just going to the grocery store or staples can help me decide on what to do next, and sometimes I just wander around looking at work I’ve previously done until I decide where to go next.

Colorful rainbow circle art

4. What colors do you enjoy using in your art the most and why? 

I love using green, as green vegetables and fruits have more striking tonal variety and textures than fruits and vegetables of any other color.

This is why, although I utilize a variety of colors in my arrangements, I always seem to come back to fruits and vegetables such as kiwis and scallions, as their gradient possibilities are some of my favorites.

5. Where do you create most of your work, what is your space like? 

I work on a table on my porch, utilizing a window for natural light so I can best capture the final product. Since I don’t have a traditional studio, this space limits the size of my work and the materials I can use, which is one of the reasons I began making things with everyday objects I found around my house.

This lack of space also resulted in the ephemeral means by which my arrangements are preserved, as these are almost always discarded after they are put together and saved through photography.

Colorful unique rainbow art

6. Name 3 crafters, artists or designers that you follow and love their work…

Kristen Meyer an amazing artist and designer, makes mind-bending geometric arrangements of everything from pennies to flowers, and is one of my biggest inspirations.

Josie Lewis is the queen of color on Instagram, and her painting videos using everything from oils through watercolors discard pretentious artistic dogma and revel in the satisfying potential of paint.

Lastly, Jason Anderson is one of my more recent follows, but his watery, pixelated landscapes straddle the line between realism and abstraction, nostalgia and otherworldliness in a way that is both entrancing and uniquely his own.

Design Style Of Adam Hillman

7. What are your favorite items decorating your home and why? 

In my bedroom one of my favorite set of items is my massive art book collection, which is comprised of hundreds of books on my favorite artists throughout art history.

Likewise, I have several pieces from an early series of abstract drawings and paintings around my bed, which are some of the few originals of mine that I haven’t sold.

Lastly, I have an oil painting my grandma created in the 50’s in my dining room, which she gave me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. It’s important to me because since then she almost entirely stopped painting and switched to quilting, making it one of the few paintings she produced from that time.

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