Funny and Colorful Bathroom Art Gallery Wall

Who doesn’t love 3rd grade bathroom humor? Farts, poop and boobs are still funny even as adults. When we bought our new home I knew exactly what theme I wanted for our master bathroom, a colorful third grade bathroom humor theme.

The bathroom gallery wall features hilarious bathroom humor art from over a dozen artists, majority of the prints are black and white, so to add bold color I knew I would have to do something fun with colored paint on the picture frames.

If you’re looking for inspiration to decorate your bathroom with some funny playful art and color, follow along below where I give you a full list of all the artists featured in the gallery along with the items I bought to add color and the DIY projects I did to make it come together.

The direct links to all the art featured are below they are affiliate links, if you do decide to purchase any of the art prints I really appreciate it if you purchase from my link, it takes me countless hours to search for and curate all the art to be featured as well as paint and style each gallery wall, every little bit helps for the time it takes me to make these themed gallery walls happen.

IMG 8332

List of the Featured Funny Bathroom Art, Direct Links To Purchase It… 

1. Please Remain Seated For The Entire Performance: Decor Wall Prints 

2. Shit Happens Here, Flush It And Move On: Narwhal Design Ink 

3. Flush Wash Brush: Good Vibes Design Store 

4. Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something: Nico Printable Art

5. Have A Nice Poop: Sweet Soul Printables 

6. Changing The Toilet Paper Will Not Cause Brain Damage: MCP Design Studio 

7. Fart Zone: Nico Printable Art

8. Poop Images: Tia Russell Designs

9. Let That Shit Go: Narwhal Design Ink 

10. Boo Bees: Rocket Jack Design 

11. Mexican Food Was A Bad Choice: Nico Printable Art 

12. So Fresh and So Clean: Sweet Soul Printables 

IMG 8379

13. If Your Doodies Be Cray, Please Use The Spray: Stick Tree Prints

14. Laugh Till You Fart: Roxxy Prints

15. Shallow, No Diving: Nico Printable Art 

16. They See Me Rolling: Blue Sail Designs

17. Shit Happens: Spunky Fluff 

IMG 8399

I started out by getting the shower curtain to build my bathroom colors upon, I fell in love with these colorful rainbow polka dot curatin

Once I had the shower curtain I got a bright orange runner rug for our sink area as well as a shorter blue rug for next to the tub.

IMG 8381

I wanted to add color to our bathroom sink area, so I bought some neon colored washi tape to add color to the cabinets that was easy to take off and change in the future if I want to. If you want to check out my tutorial video I show you step by step how I put the washi tape onto the bathroom cabinets.  

IMG 8386

The washi tape on the bathroom cabinets really helped to add accent color to the sink area while still matching the shower curtain in a fun way. I love how it turned out by doing the cabinets vertically and the center drawers with a single color of yellow horizontally across the bottoms.

A List of Items I Bought To Decorate The Bathroom: 

1. Orange Runner Rug by sink
2. Blue Bath Rug by bathtub
3. Rainbow Polka Dot Shower Curtain 
4. Colorful Stacking Cups to Organize Counter
5. Colorful Poops for bouquet and wall art
6. Colorful mini Toilet toy decor
7. Fart Machine on top of toilet
8. Apple Barrel Paint Kit
9. 4 piece set Colorful Striped Beach Towels 
10. Rainbow Hand Towels 
11. Curtin Hooks 
12. Neon Colored Washi tape Used to add color to the bathroom cabinets at sink

IMG 7708

I then base painted a bunch of old frames I found at the thrift store with white, added the art to the frames and hung them up. I hung everything up before painting the frames so I could figure out the layout and tape the frames to make some fun stripes that tied all of the images of art together since majority of the pieces were black and white. I thought doing colorful stripes would be a fun way to add bold color and fun to the space.

IMG 7710

I took painters tape and carefully taped all the frames across making sure that the frames stayed straight, it took some time, but I did it. I carefully close the tape over the frames exactly where it was on the wall so it would all line up once I painted it the different colors.

IMG 7723

I then did the smaller part of the gallery wall behind the toilet first to make sure my idea would work ok before I started the bigger section of the art wall.

IMG 7729

I went with these color for the first section, but ended up changing the magenta and dark purple later because it didn’t fit good as a whole. I wanted both gallery sections to look like they sent together, so I eventually changed those two colors to lime green and neon yellow.

IMG 7744

I then taped the bigger section of the art once I knew the horizontal stripes would work, this section took much longer because it was so much more frames to do. If you do this technique I recommend to rip the tape strips before placing them onto the wall and the frames, then once the whole area is done, cut the tape between the frames first and them pull them down and take the art out and place the inside lips of tape down to paint.

Make sure you remember what side is up and what side is down so the pattern of colors remains the same when you hang it after painting it all.

IMG 7755

What Paint Colors Did I Use For The Frames?

I used Apple Barrel Acrylic paint for my frames and then coated it with a matte mod podge layer.

The exact Apple Barrel Acrylic colors I used for the wall are the following..

Jack O Lantern



Cool Blue

Diva Pink


Candy Pink

Bright Yellow


Neon Yellow

Lime Tree

IMG 8379

I was so happy with how it turned out when it was done, the lines matched up pretty well and it really added color to the space with a lot of the art being black and white. I also added solid colored paper behind a few of the art to add more color to the gallery. I got some fun colorful stripe towels for the bathroom, they are a four piece set of beach towels, but I loved the colors so I got them and love them in the space.

IMG 8332

This is when I repainted the bottoms of the frames behind the toilet to the bright green and yellow so it would look better together as a whole with the other wall, I think it looked much better than the magenta and dark did earlier.

IMG 8380

I added some little rubber poop art, I got some fun rainbow colored poops toys and cut them in half and glued them to wood circles. I also made a bouquet of the little poops with floral wire and put them into a mini vase. I added the fart machine for good laughs, its a fun thing to push while on the thrown haha.

IMG 8381

IMG 8399

I love how the bathroom turned out, it is so colorful, funky and hilarious.  The colorful striped DIY frames really helped make the space unique and bold.  Bathrooms are a space that is often overlooked for gallery walls, hopefully this inspired you to give your bathroom a chance to feature some fun and colorful art.

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