Funny and Colorful Kitchen Gallery Wall

Who doesn’t love a good Food pun? Especially if the art is bold and colorful. You’re sure to find a print or two that you love in this colorful funny kitchen gallery wall. 

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Artists and Prints Featured On The Funny/Punny Kitchen Gallery Wall

I bought all of the frames from the local thrift store, most of them were missing the glass as well as the board backing. I base coat painted all of the frames with white acrylic paint, then found glass pieces to add to the fronts and used glazer points on the back with board to hold in the artwork.

You can easily fix frames that are missing the pieces. I find it’s not only cheaper to buy used frames from the thrift store, but you can also customize the colors you paint the frames to better match your artwork.

I use white acrylic paint or spray paint to do a base coat and then use a colorful acrylic paint to put over it. It can take anywhere from 1-3 coats of the paint depending on the color. After the color is dry I put a layer of matte mod podge to protect from scratches. 

8 artists total were featured in this colorful gallery wall, below you will find all 8 names of the artists or shops that were featured, and below their name you will find the art with the direct links so you can easily grab the ones you like for your home.

The links to the art pieces are affiliate links, it takes me 10+ hours to create these themed gallery walls, I don’t get paid for creating them, but if you purchase a print I get a small commission that’s very much appreciated since I have a full time job and do gallery walls in my free time. 

1. Kitchen Bath Prints

“I like big bundts and I cannot like”

“Let the beat drop” 

“You say good pie and I say hello”

“She’s Chop’in Broccoli, Chop in Brocca-li”

“Twist and shout” 

2. Narwhal Ink Designs 

“Don’t go bacon heart, I couldn’t if I fried” 

“You are what you eat, eat a rainbow” 

“What the fork is for dinner”

“Nope. Not Ripe. Still Not. Eat Me Now! Too late”

“It’s thyme to turnip the beet”

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3. Noodle Hug

“Slice Slice Baby”

“Baby, I Knead Your Lovin’”

“You spin me right round baby”

“The split Is bananas”

“It’s getting hot in here” 

4. Grawlix Ink 

“I’m feeling a little dirty, will you do me, love dishes”

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese” 

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5. Yellow Otter Studios 

“Jello from the other side” 

“Dill with it”

6. Inogitna Designs 

“Yes you can”

7. Print Avenue Studio 

“Chop it like it’s hot”

8. Flit and Fly 

“Nom Nom Nom”

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 Furniture and colorful decor items featured to style the space

I have a one year old daughter and wanted to make sure that the open shelf on the credenza had colorful decoration that were kid friendly since she grabs them all the time.

I found some amazing colorful abstract toys online that I fell in love with and I think you will too. They are great for styling a shelf or coffee table, but also safe for kids to play with. 

When I bought the credenza it was solid dark wood, I custom painted the colors on the frame and front doors of the credenza. As for the sides of it I use matte mod podge to put sheet music onto it.

I left the sheet music unpainted so that I could switch out a runner and change the color and style whenever I wanted to. Right now I have an orange scarf I found at the thrift store with cute pom poms on the end of it. 

It’s great because I not only can use runners, but also long scarfs that I find at the thrift stores. Scarfs are something that come in super handy for colorful decorating and often times the thrift stores have a lot of colorful ones available for $2 or under. 

1. The Credenza (It was all solid dark wood, I custom painted it myself)

2. Rainbow Stacking Ice Cream Toy

3. Nesting Bowl Ball Toy

4. Rainbow Triangle Abstract Toy 

5. Colorful African Baskets

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I hope this colorful funny kitchen gallery wall inspired you to decorate your kitchen with bold and colorful pun kitchen art. 

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