Home Tour: A Whimsical Wonderland of Color and Vintage Collections at Maija’s Home In Finland

Although the love of using bold colors in home decor in the United States is slowly growing, it seems that other areas of the world really have it together, lately I have found a ton of lovely homes on Instagram from Finland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway that rock all colors of the rainbow throughout there home.  Maija’s home is one of them, she lives in this adorable home with her son in Finland, among the vibrant colorful vintage collections, tea kettles, books, beautiful fabrics and treasures. Her home has such a playful and joyous attitude that is highly contagious, just looking at her design and layout puts a smile on your face. She tends to move items around quit a bit to mix up the layout on her shelving as well as her counter tops. That’s the wonderful thing about collections of any kind in a home, you can take the collections and break them up, add holiday related decor to them, or flowers and that gives them an entire fresh and new look rather than having to go out and buy new things all the time. If you’re not following Maija on Instagram, be sure to, her feed is wonderful. You can find her @inhmemaija

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