Home Tour: Betina’s Colorful Boho Home and Craft Studio Full of Collections and Vintage Finds

Betina’s beautiful boho home is filled to the brim with magical collections every single area your eyes land upon. She has collections of plants, knick knacks, cameras, books, art, dried flowers, baskets, purses, plates, scissors, tea kettles and more! I really enjoy how her space not only feels warm and cozy, but also has the feel of a magical museum with artifacts to adore. Her office and work studio are equally as lovely with items collected on the shelves, dried flowers hanging and Frida inspiration of course. If you are really feeling her style, you should check out her online store, she created it because so many of her Instagram followers were asking where she found things for her home decorating, if you’re not yet following her on Instagram you’re missing out, be sure to follow her at Frida Florentina. You can find her online website at FridaFlorentina.com

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