Today we are featuring the beautiful home of Lilly Ortiz, she has a beautiful boho bungalow home that features lots of fun, playful and colorful accents as well as lots of blue hues. I love how she has so many different hues of blues in her home, from her bathroom to bedrooms, to living room. Her use of plants is dreamy, she places plants in such a variety of ways from hanging baskets to pots on shelves to fun animal shapes pots.  If you’re not already following Lilly on Instagram head over to her page and follow now, her feed is full of beautiful boho inspiration, you can find her here at @lillithortiz

Colorful peaceful boho bedroom

Isn’t this layout so cozy, the colorful blanket, welcoming plants in the corner and salt lamp.

Colorful boho plants lilly ortiz

The massive variety of pots she uses throughout her home for her plants is wonderful, it’s a simple and great way to add a whimsical touch.

Beautiful blue boho bathroom

Her dreamy blue bathroom is breathtaking, I love the shelves she placed above the toilet with all the plants on it, it makes you feel like you’re in a jungle.

Colorful boho home ideas Colorful boho kitchen corner Blue colored boho bedroom Blue colored boho livingroom gallery wall Lilly ortiz home tour

Lilly is so great at decorating shelfs, they are all so very interesting to look at in her kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and her entire home.

Lilly ortiz home tour boho style