Home Tour: Corine’s Colorful Vintage Inspired Floral Cottage in the Netherlands

Corine’s home in the Netherlands is nothing short of a dreamy cottage style landscape filled with vintage finds, colorful knick knacks and whimsical arrangements. What we can learn from Corine most is her ability to arrange the entirety of a space, every nook and cranny has something of interest whether it be a bundle of flowers, an cluster of candles, a gathering of colorful pillows, or a grouping of vintage tin cans she has the ability to constantly draw interest.

Her home is more of an art or craft gallery of sorts where your eyes are constantly scanning and bouncing from item to item to find the new recently added whimsical detail she placed in the room. If you are not yet following Corine on Instagram be sure to, she posts lots of wonderful and colorful inspiration. Find her at Red Cherry Rodekers She is a ceramic artist and has her studio in one of the rooms of the home as well, be sure to check out her work at Rodekers.

Red cherry rockers colorful home tour

Buying beautiful vintage rocking chairs or tables from thrift shops is such a wonderful idea, you can always give them a fresh coat of paint in the color you choose, or mix and match like Corine did to give them an all new look. It not only creates a space that is customizable to the color palate of your home, but is much more affordable than going out and buying all new furniture, and you’re stuff is one of a kind! 

Red cherry rockers colorful gallery wall livingroom

Gathering collections in your home can bring so much interest, this cactus pillow collect Corine has is so cute, not only are they all different style cactus’s, but large and small and all different shapes which adds interest easily. 

Pink livingroom and kitchen

Colorful retro laundry room red cherry rockers

It’s amazing how this entire laundry room looks like were are in a time warp and are back in the 50’s or 60’s right? Corine achieved the look by having the time frame fridge, but then painting the washer and dryer fun colors to add to the pop.  The vintage tins on top of the washer and dryer, along with the wire basket of cleaning supplies and tin signs complete the look.

Pink and colorful home gallery wall and livingroom

Rainbow colored bookshelf livingroom

If you’re a big book person, work your books! Corine arranged them by color which is lovely, there are so many unique ways you can arrange your book shelves. You could do all books, mix it with knick knacks or photos or candles or plants…. The possibilities are endless, and it’s an easy way to give your home a fresh new look, each season you can change it up. 

Pink colorful home decor ideas rainbow home

Colorful modern home decor red cherry rockers

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