Home Tour: Earthly Urban Design Home of Christin in Stockholm Sweden is a Skate Board Lovers Dream

I love stumbling across homes that have unique collections, artwork and bold color, the lovely home of Christin did not disappoint. She runs the Instagram account Earthly Urban Design, and also has an online website where she offers design services and a very informative and inspirational blog too! Her home is in Stockholm Sweden and is full of art that is near and dear to her family.  

She and her husband skate boarded while dating, and continue to today, the whole family does, so she features a numerous amount of beautiful skateboard decks throughout her home that have intricate and unique art design on them. The one thing that can take any house and turn it into a home truly is personalization.

When you make your home reflect the things you love and you share your collections, your hobbies and the things most memorable to you rather than boxing them up in storage it seems to release such a positive vibe throughout the entire space, Christin has done such a lovely job in her entire home by displaying that which means the most to her family.

If you’re not yet following Christin on Instagram, be sure to follow her here and keep up with her decorative journey, and if you are in need of some interior design her, or need some inspiration be sure to check out her website here.



Colorful home decor eclectic home design earthy urban design

Square shelving is always a wonderful way to not only organize a space, but also to display knick knacks, photos or anything else you can think of. Garlands are another wonderful addition to any home, there are so many styles and types you can get, she used both a colorful pom pom garland as well as a beautiful moon phases garland. 

Colorful kids bed room kids kitchen area earthly urban design dig and hang colorful kid room

Kids rooms should be colorful and fun, she nailed it with the bold blue color and fun wallpaper. The mountain shelf is a whimsical touch along with the pom pom garland and large measuring tape. 

Colorful urban home urban home decor colorful home decor earthly urban design skateboard art

Her collection of skateboards throughout out the entire home really ties it all together and creates so much interest, I like how she varies the positioning of the skateboards both horizontals and vertical as well. 

Colorful pink kitchen polka dot kitchen kitchen chalk board earthly urban design dig and hang

If everyones kitchen was colorful the world would be a better place, out of all the rooms that need happy colors the kitchen I feel is number one, it starts off your day with coffee, tea and breakfast, it sets the mood for the entire day! I love her exposed hot pink shelf, the adorable chalk menu and the fun polka dots on the backsplash. 

Skate board art in home decor skateboard decor earthly urban design colorful diy home

The skateboards again, LOVE!


Pink kitchen skateboad artwork colorful home earthly urban design

Christin’s home is so cozy, and well lived but extremely beautiful and expressive at the same time, it’s a place that will grow with the family and continue to express uniqueness! 

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