Home Tour: The Thrifty Hippie Augusta Wheeler’s Beautiful and Spunky Boho Bungalow in Georgia

Augusta Wheeler, you might know her as the Thrifty Hippie is for sure a person I would love to go thrift store shopping with all day and sit back with some cold ones at night talking about how to arrange the cool items found that day! Her house is so darn homey, it has to be the unique balance of thrifty, crafty and colorful with a pinch of vintage.  It’s just the right balance for her maximalist style crib. She’s also not afraid of moving items around from time to time spicing it up, which often times can change the look and feel of a room when you just don’t feel like adding more items to it. Her beautiful, fun, colorful and playful attitude shine through in her home, as well as her Instagram feed, if you’re not yet following her you’re missing out! You can find her @TheThriftyHippie

Thrifted colorful home decor Augusta Isabelle Wheeler

Teal colored boho cabinet Augusta Isabelle Wheeler thrifty hippie

Augusta Isabelle Wheeler boho hippie home decor

Augusta Isabelle Wheeler colorful crafty thrifty home

Thrifty Hippie colorful boho home decor vintage

Thrifted colorful home decor Augusta Isabelle Wheeler

Thrifty hippie home tour colorful boho

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