I’m a HUGE fan of homes that are decorated with collected items, plants and lots of color, Antonia’s home is nothing short of amazing! I stumbled upon her Instagram page a few months ago and just fell in love with her fun and whimsical style.  She has such a talent for bringing a space together with plants, texture and color. She was kind enough to let me share photos of her home with you, if you are not yet following her be sure to go follow her on Instagram, her feed will put a smile on your face each time she shares something from her beautiful home in Japan… Follower her here…  @Nia_Renteria

Nia Renteria home tour Colorful boho whimsical home decor

Her collection of cactus, colorful books and beautiful accent wall with shelf it lovely, it seems so homey and cozy!

Gallery wall with cactus

She has this shelf next to her kitchen, I love the collection of little potted cactus as well as the art!

Colorful bungalow home Cactus wall paper home decor idea

OMG her cactus wall is to die for, how cute are the little saguaros???

Colorful bird tapestry in home Unique colorful home decor ideas