Home Tour: Tropical and Bright Indonesian Home of Artceil, full of plants and love

I stumbled upon the home of Instagrammer Artceil, her home is so bright, open and tropical I just love the vibe. She has lots of beautiful bright yellows and light blues throughout the entire home. I also love her use of plants in the space, it really brings the outside in and makes it feel very tropical for sure. She has some really cute gallery walls, shelving and patterned fabrics as well! If you’re not yet following her on Instagram be sure to, you can find her here. 

Colorful bright home decor ideas

The blue cabinets in her kitchen are wonderful, they really make the space so pleasant and inviting! And the Yellow furniture!!!! Sd

Colorful home with patterns and textures home with plants dig and hang

Love how she puts the plants into baskets, wonderful idea! 

Colorful yellow and blue home decor ideas home tour dig and hang

That bathroom shelf is awesome, I love the tiered look with different sized shelves at each level.

Colorful wall gallery inspiration

Gallery Walls! 


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