Lady Ironside’s Colorful Rainbow Coffee Press and Matching Fruit Basket

Colorful and unique kitchen items that are quality made are such a struggle to find. The times that I do stumble upon a colorful coffee press it’s usually not well made. I was so excited to stumble upon Lady Ironside, their kitchen products are not only so colorful and fun, but are such good quality! 

I wanted to get to know the story behind Lady Ironside, so I reached out to Andrea and Curtis, the owners behind the company, below you can learn more about what made them create such colorful kitchen items. They also gave us a coupon for this holiday season…. 

Use Coupon Code “DigandHang15” at check out for 10% off either the basket or the coffee press, or 15% off the basket and coffee press when purchased together. Coupon code good through 12/10/19

Get the Rainbow Coffee Press Here 

Get the Rainbow Basket Here 

1. How did lady Ironside get started?

Our son Little Man has special needs, but as he is not severe our local school district wouldn’t give him the help we knew he needed. So, we decided to invest in his future by starting our business to pay for his special school, medical bills, therapies and special diet.

Making tools for the kitchen was a natural starting point as I love cooking, baking and perfecting recipes. However, our dreams have expanded a bit now- we would love to start a tuition-free private school for special needs in our area and other smaller towns like ours because there is such a need.

Our company name comes from my family tree… a Lady here, an Ironside there and Hubby put the names together and started calling me “Lady Ironside” as a nickname to tease me because, to be honest, it kinda fits me… I’m a lady with strong will, determination and inner strength. So, when we started our business he suggested we name the business after my nickname and it just fit.

Lady Ironside Rainbow unique Coffee Press

2. What is it that you love so much about your press and basket?

I love that they are colorful and fun, and each one is unique. I also love that they are well-built and will last a loooong time. I love things that are pretty, well-made and useful.

3. Why is customer service so Important to you, your product arrived with such love and
care in the packaging.

It’s just the golden rule, really … do to others as you would have done to you. I care about our customers and want them to enjoy our products. I’m persnickety, so I drive my QC guy crazy sometimes; I want the high quality to shine through.

Lady Ironside Rainbow Coffee Press

3. What’s your home decor style and a favorite piece in your home you love?

I guess I have an eclectic-classic style in my home- I love a little bit of everything. My favorite piece is a hallway table- it’s a mahogany piece that’s a small round table with a ball and claw base.

It has been passed down in Hubby’s family- it originally belonged to his great-great-grandparents who bought it on their 10th wedding anniversary in 1900! It goes with a matching chair they were given on their wedding day in 1890.

I feel like those pieces aren’t really mine, though; I’m just their caretaker until it’s time to pass it down to the next generation but I sure do love them while they grace my home.

4. Who are three of your favorite musicians?

The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Ella Fitzgerald

5. Is Lady Ironside going to be offering any other cute home decor items in the future?

Yes, but I’m a Lady of a little mystery… you’ll have to wait and see what we create next.

Lady Ironside Rainbow Coffee Press and Basket decor

6. Tell us a bit about yourself and your family we love gettin to know the people behind
the brand.

Hubby and I have been married for over 24 years now; every year that passes by I’m more grateful that I found such an awesome guy to spend the rest of forever with.

I’m acrafty DIY-er who loves to cook, bake, sew, garden etc… anything domestic I love (except for cleaning). Hubby is an awesome husband, daddy and DIY-er who loves mountain biking when he’s not helping me doing projects with me (or cleaning the house).

We worked on getting our son here for over 18 years by the time he arrived with the help of our friend/surrogate and now she spoils him rotten. Little Man is almost 6, and he is such a fun blessing to us.

He’s a Kindergartener who loves other kids,Legos, the great outdoors and realllllly wants a baby sister. His favorite flavor, color and scent is orange.

7. What inspires you the most and what’s your favorite color? 

Green. Definitely green. Sometimes the shade of green I favor changes but it’s always green; probably because I’m a nature girl at heart. Being out in nature and seeing all the beauty this world has to offer gives me energy and peace simultaneously.

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