Home Tour: Laura’s Colorful Collected Home, Full of Artwork and Owls From Around the World

Everyone has that one friend that always has some new craft, artwork or addition to their collection and that friend is Laura. I had the honor of photographing her lovely home to share with you. She is a practicing attorney, but is sure to find time for painting, crafting and growing her owl collection and rubber band ball.  Come with me and take a tour of her home…

Owl collection san diego

This is her living room leading into her dinning room and kitchen. She loves to read and arranged her books by color on some shelves, which I love. She has a stunning gallery wall in her dinning room that she rotates from time to time. She has tons of artwork in her garage that she has made, or found at thrift stores, or on her travels.

IMG 7116

This is part of her beautiful owl collection, she started collecting them when she was a child. Family and friends bring her the owls from trips and she finds them on her own as well. The bright and colorful one is from South America, she has one made from a gourd, stone, metal, and more. The Orange one at the top and the natural colored one on the right are ones from my wedding I gave her for her collection. I love seeing all the new owls she adds when I come over to visit and have craft time with her.

IMG 7123

This is her gallery wall in her dinning room, pardon the sheet on the table, we were about to have paper mâché time haha. The theme she has currently is nature, it’s all landscapes of different places. The large one above the table is very special it was made carefully with threads of silk.  The other large one over her cabinet is one she painted, she actually got a BA and really knows how to paint some amazing stuff, she is so multi talented!

Lawyer book shelf rubber band ball

One of her shelves houses her attorney decor, a gavel from a her uncle that was an attorney as well, and some statues of lawyers. The basket is full of rubber bands for her rubber band ball… which she continues to add to today even! It is crazy heavy!!!!

IMG 7171

These are Dr. Seuss style fish art she has… so the fish on the far right is one she bought at the Dr. Seuss art gallery, but the other two she made with paper mâché, told you she was an amazingly talented artist!!!!

Butterfly collection on wall

She had a little wall collection of butterflies as well.

Owl lover artistic home

Here are some more of her owl collection, these are the little mini owl she has. The ceramic pieces above are made by a retired ceramic artist down the street they are so beautiful!

Artistic and crafty home livingroom

Here is a main shot of her living room, I believe she painted the sign painting by the front door as well.

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