LoopDeDoo Colorful Friendship Bracelet Making Machine Tutorial

I love making these Loop De Doo Colorful Friendship bracelets, they are so fun to make, don’t take a lot of materials and you can make them in minutes! The best part is the machine is hand crank so you don’t need any batteries and it lasts a long time! I’ve been making them for the past two years and have probably made about 50 of them…. It also comes with an instruction book that shows a number of patterns you can create your bracelet in. 

The Loop De Doo machine does come with a small assortment of colored embroidery thread but I like to use more vibrant colors so I purchase my thread separately, I put links to the machine, scissors and 4 of the most colorful embroidery sets I could find so you can easily order and get started making them once it arrives. 

What you will need is the following: 

Loop De Doo Machine

91eiWTOZeKL AC SL1500

Embroidery Thread: Below are some of the most colorful kinds with links so you can pick them up if you like them. 

Colorful Embroidery

1. 120 Piece Rainbow Colors Embroidery Thread Set

2. Tye Dye Embroidery Thread Set 

3. Colorful Variegated Embroidery Thread Set

4. 50 Piece Rainbow Colors Embroidery Thread Set 



51wUWjHssqL AC SL1000

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