Neon Colored Duct Tape Shoe Bench DIY with Duck Brand Duct Tape

We recently bought a new home that has a mudroom, which is great for the mud season. I was trying to find a way to organize our shoes and found this amazing bench, but it was all white and so boring. So I immediately was thinking about ways I could add color to it, but still have it be durable. 

Paint would most likely get worn out so fast with the dirty shoes…. So I thought why not use Duct tape? I know The Duck Brand has such a huge variety of bold colors it would be the perfect fit.  This is a paid Ad for The Duck Tape Brand, but as always I only share products and ideas with you that I myself use in our home and love their quality, The Duck Brand is certainly one I have used for many projects over the years as a crafter. 

Shoe bench DIY with Duct tape

I went with a color pallet of bold neons, pink, blue, green and yellow, and added in a pastel purple to balance it… along with a rainbow colored accent tape for the edges of the shelf. 

Shoe bench DIY with Duct tape 2

Some of the shelves on the end came out so I pulled them out to place the tape down. It is super easy to put tape onto the shelves, you just need to clean them of any dust first and then make sure they are dry. When you start to lay your strips of tape if you measure the length shelf in advance you can cut each piece of tape and carefully align and lay it slowly pulling your hand down to press and get rid of air bubbles.

I made sure to put the tape vertically on the shelves so that when shoes were put in and out it would end bunch up at all, as it might if it was horizontal direction, this way with it being vertical, the shoes coming onto the shelf are going the same direction. You could put a clear duct tape on it to make it even more durable, I decided not to because it took away from the vibrance of color and wasn’t as bold as I wanted it… but if you want a more muted color the clear tape on top would be a great idea for you!  

Shoe bench DIY with Duct tape 3

For the edges on the front I used the rainbow colored Duck Brand tape…. It gave a nice pop of color and really set off the bold neon colors in the shelving. It was easy to pay on, no measurement and cutting at all… I just took a strip of the tape, ran it across the entire shelf, pressed it to the middle of the wood I was placing it on. 

Then I used a box cutter to carefully cut the insides so I could push them down onto the tops and bottoms of the shelves….. easy and quick liner, with no measuring, that’s my kinda project! 

Shoe bench DIY with Duct tape 4

I decided to not do the back of the shelf with color since my shoes would be blocking that most of the time anyways… I did however do the sides with tape on the insides of the shelves, you don’t have to though. The color and design is finally coming together… I tried to balance the colors on the shelves so one side wouldn’t be too heavy with darker colors.

IMG 8808

In the end it turned out amazing, it works so very and is holding up like a champ, not one issue yet and we have been using it for over a week already with lots of pulling the shoes in and pulling them out, even had lots of rain with mud this past week, and not issue with the tape coming off at al…. I am so excited I found the perfect way to protect and color my shoe shelf… this would work good for any shelf in your home, what about a kids room? I hope you have fun making your own duct tape shelf and if you do, be sure to check out The Duck Brand tape, they have the best variety of colors out there! 

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