Rainbow Colored Kids Rocking Chair DIY

My parents held onto the rocking chair I had in my childhood that I had got from my great grandma.  It was still in great shape, but was in serious need of a paint job! 


I wanted to repaint it so Choo Choo could enjoy sitting on it in the living room. I wanted to do a rainbow colored rocking chair, but had a bit of trouble trying to figure out what to do for the seat design. 


I decided to go with different colored arches shooting out with a straight line in the center. In order to get started I first did a detailed dusting since there was so much dust on it. Then I sanded it so it would be smooth and even, especially by the chipped areas on the arm rests. 

Repainting an old childrens rocking chair

I base painted the entire rocking chair with white acrylic paint, had to do two layers and let them dry for a day each. 


Then I painted from the top down, and did the seat last.  The seat was the trickiest part, I sketched out the design with a pencil and as you could see, had to erase it a few times to get it right, but once it was ready, it wasn’t too hard to paint within the lines. 

Painting a used childrens rocking chair rainbow colorsPainting a raibow kids rocking chair

With some of the lighter colors I had to do 4 layers of paint, but it turned out great! 


I then coated it with acrylic clear sealer spray, did 6 layers to be extra sure it would be protected from the ware and tare of my toddler, but would also be easy to wipe down and clean without removing the paint. 


6 months later, the rainbow rocking chair is still in wonderful shape, Autumn loves to sit in it and read books or watch her favorite trains shows.  And it is easy to wipe down each week with no issues of paint chipping away or rubbing off. 

Choo choo seeing her new rocking chair

It was a lot of work to make this colorful rainbow rocking chair for her, but so worth it, it’s such a fun and colorful addition to the living room.  Oftentimes you can find second hand rocking chairs or other kids room furniture for cheap at the local thrift store, and all they need is a fresh coat of paint.

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