Rainbow Gallery Wall

If you love rainbows as much as I do, here are some fun ways you can create rainbows for your gallery wall, kids rooms or as a gift for a friend…. 

Colorful bead and straw rainbow

1. Beads

2. Straws

3. Marker dots

4. Large Confetti 

Colorful handmade rainbows

5. Cupcake wrappers

6. Birthday Candles

7. Cup up rubber piece from pencil pads

8. Buttons 

Colorful ways to make rainbows

9. Fabric Paint

10. Stickers

11. Glitter Foam

12. Crayons

Screen Shot 2020 02 20 at 6 33 04 AM

Here is the gallery wall with some of the the rainbows I made… 

Rainbow ideas

13. Pom Poms

14. Legos

15. Smily Stickers

16. Hawaiian Lei flowers 

Rainbow inspiration

17. Paint and Clear Legos

18. Plastic Springs

19. Glass Pebbles

20. Paper Clips

Rainbow project ideas

21. Pom Poms

22. Paint and Brushes

23. Color Gem Stones

24. Hair Rollers

Rainbows made out of craft supplies

25. Pencil Erasers

26. Paper flowes

27. Star Stickers

28. Gift bows

Unique rainbows to DIY

29. Pony Beads

30. Drink Umbrellas

31. Three Hole Punch Stickers

32. Rainbow Stickers

Unique recycled rainbows

33. Yarn

34. Marti gras beads

35. Foam 

36. Page Tabs

Rainbow projects

37. Fabric

38. Shrinky Dink 


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