Rainbow Roundup: Colorful Indoor and Outdoor Planter Pots for Succulents and Plants, over 70 Colorful Modern, Geometric, Animal and Solid Color Pots

So you LOVE colorful home decor that is bright, bold and unique. But every time you go to Amazon or Etsy and type is colorful home decor accessories, colorful pots, colorful pillows, and many other  items for my home you get results with mostly neutral tones and a little hint of color, but nothing near what you’re looking for… fear not my fellow color lover fear not!

Rainbow Roundup is here, this is a new series that will be posted one every week. I will be spending countless hours searching high and low on Amazon and Etsy to find the most colorful home decor and building epic lists of every thing I find so you can have a one stop shop when you need to purchase a colorful pot for a new plant, a new rainbow colored pillow for a chair you want to refresh or a new set of colorful bedding for a bedroom remodel.

The Rainbow Roundup list will be added each week with a different home item so you can find the most colorful home decor items on Amazon and Etsy without the countless hours of searching, I do all that for you so you can make your home as unique as you are and express your personality perfectly! 

So here is the kick off of our very first Rainbow Roundup… Colorful planter pots for both indoors and outdoors. There is a variety of colorful planters that are plastic, clay, ceramic and porcelain. Some are modern, come are traditional and some are uniquely shaped and geometrical or shaped like cute animals, there is something you’ll love in this list, there are over 70 bold and colorful pots.

I have spent about 10 hours searching Amazon and Etsy for these pots and making the list, attached is a direct link to each of the pots. I always want to remain transparent and up front with you, these are affiliate links, I make a small percent commission on each sale. I invest countless hours each day to put together colorful Rainbow Roundup lists, Colorful DIY Art tutorials for your home and gather the most colorful home inspirations out there to share with you.

But I too, like everyone, have a family to feed and good old bills to pay, and with the huge volume of time I am spending Dig and Hang it really does help getting a little monetary reward for my hard-work an time spent.

I do hope this list brings you value and makes it 100 times easier for you to customize your home with beautiful colorful decor that’s as unique as you are!

If you purchase any of these items for your home I’d love to see how you style with them, use #digandhang on any items you buy and style in your home for a chance to be featured in our stories, we love sharing your colorful home decor Inspo with the community!

Unique colorful rainbow plant pot

1. Colorful Modern Minimalist Circle Pots: These are all the color options you can purchase one or mix and match them. Perfect for plants on a shelf!

2. Small Rainbow Colored Marble Planters: Perfect for a little succulent, cactus or airplane on your desk or kitchen window sill.

3. Small Hanging Rainbow Boho Planter: This is perfect for those who love plants but are running out of space, hang it up.

4. Rainbow Pot Hanger: Add a spark of rainbow to any room with this, it changes from the ceiling.

5. Gradient Rainbow Succulent Planter: Reminiscent of a beautiful sunset, this would be fantastic with a bold succulent or cactus in it.

6. Rainbow Marble Concrete Planters: You can select from a variety of color options as seen, or you can buy them all to mix and match.

Colorful plant pot sets

7. Colorful Mini Succulent Planters: This is a set of six bold colored mini succulent planters, perfect for a pop of color and a plant anywhere.

8. Modern Geometric Planter Set: This includes 5 planters

9. Geometric Plaint Splatter Pots: This is a set of 6 colorful splatter pots.

10. Modern and Sleek Color Pots: This 6 piece set is perfect if you want to add color but not too much.

11. Solid Colored Mini Succulent/Cactus Pots: You can either get a set of 5 or 10 mini pots for your home.

12. Neon Color Pot Set: This has 5 pots included that are bright bold neon colors.

Colorful rainbow geometric planter pots

13. Colorful Mini Gold Splatter Planters: These are made from plaster and you can get just one or mix and match the beautiful colors they offer.

14. Ultra Modern Geometric Planters: This set of 6 colorful geometric shaped planters is perfect for any setting.

15. Modern Geometric Painted Wood Planters: These three come apart so you can rearrange them however you like.

16. Colorful Gradient Cement Succulent and Cactus Planters: This is the colors you can select from, you buy the pots individually.

17. Geometric Two Color 3D Printed Plant Pot: You can customize the colors and size.

18. Ceramic Colorful Hanging Pots: This would be wonderful for a narrow wall space or a kitchen.

Rainbow color handmade plant  pots

19. Pink, Teal and Orange Polymer Clay Pot: The beautiful detail in this post is spectacular and would be fabulous for a textures or pattern leafy plant.

20. Rainbow or Shine Plant Pot: What a lovely pot, with a beautiful thought painted on it. You can add seeds to it for a wonderful gift.

21. Kaleidoscope Rainbow Planter Pot: This is so unique it reminds me of beautiful stained glass, it would look stunning with any plant in it!

22. Large Rainbow Stripe Planter: This would be a wonderful additoin to any shelf or table.

23. Rainbow plant holder: A classic and beautiful horizontal rainbow pot.

24. Rainbow Hand painted Flower Pot Set: This includes 5 pots, perfect for an herb garden.

Colorful boho mandala plant pots

25. Bright Boho Pot Set: This is a bright and colorful four piece set.

26. Bold and Vibrant Pattern Pots: These are bold colorful and have fun color combos, awesome for a burst of color anywhere!

27. Pastel and Bold Boho Pots: This had a mixture of lighter colors with a few bold colors, it’s a four piece set.

28. Green and Purple Mandala Pot: This beautiful hand painted colorful mandala is so mesmerizing, such a unique pot for your plant.

29. Blue and Purple Mandala Pot: Yet another beautiful mandala pot for your succulents, cactus and other house plants.

30. Colorful Southwest Style Pots: Three piece set with bamboo trays included for the bottoms.

31. Colorful Boho Plate Pot Set: This is a bold and colorful set of three small pots you would get perfect for mixing and matching all over your home.

32. Colorful Boho Planter Set: This is a three piece set of small pots perfect for succulents or cactus.

33. Colorful Mediterranean Planters: This is a set of 8 assorted colorful small ceramic pots.

Colorful plastic plant pots

34. Colorful Hanging Pots: This is a three piece set of bold colorful hanging plant pots you get random colors.

35. Solid Colored Plastic Pots: They have 13 beautiful colors to choose from and you can get single or three packs in different sizes.

36. Small Plastic Solid Colored Pots: This is a 10 piece set of small plastic pots

37. Plastic Colorful Woven Look Pots: This is a set of 5 woven basket look pots.

38. Fence and Balcony Hanging Pots: This colorful set of 10 pots is perfect for hanging on apartment balconies or home walls.

39. Bold and Colorful Small Pot Set: This is an 8 piece set.

40. Colorful Small Pots With Good Drainage: A set of 12 great draining pots perfect for plants on your patio or an herb garden.

41. Colorful Ribbed Pots: This is a 6 piece pot set.

42. Pastel Plastic Pot Set: these pots have cute flower prints on the sides.

Colorful animal and dinosaur plant pots outdoor and indoor

43. Cute Baby Animal Planters: This would be perfect for a baby shower gift or kids room!

44. Red Dinosaur Succulent Planter: Did I mention you can customize the color of your planter from a huge list of available colors, and it comes with the plant!

45. Colorful Polar Bear Planter: This little guy would look the cutest with a little plant in him, a cute way to decorate a kids room!

46. Mint Green Dinosaur Succulent Planter: A great gift or accent piece for your home, comes with the planter and plant!

47. Rainbow Llama Plant Pot: How cute is this? If your a lover of Llama’s and or Rainbows this is for you!

Colorful rainbow plant pots

48. Ceramic Rainbow Planter Pot: There are two difference sizes and styles to choose from, you can also get a drain trail or not have one, it’s custom made.

49. Rainbow Terracotta Pot: This is hand painted and one of a kind so the design and colors are totally unique.

50. Multi Colored Mexican Flower Pot: This is handmade in Mexico, and long shaped which is perfect for little cooking herbs or hot peppers.

51. Tiny 3D printed Rainbow Air Plant Holder: There are three difference sizes to choose from.

52. Colorful Concrete Planter: This has a really pretty colorful pattern on half and bare concrete on the top.

53. Colorful Sunset Small Planter: This was made with alcohol ink process and is super unique.

54. Ombre Rainbow Shapes Planter: This is a fun minimalistic planter, I love how the white really makes the color pop so well.

55. Sorbet Colored Planter: The colors in this pot are so bright and cheery, it would be perfect for a coffee table or kitchen window sill.

Colorful air plante holders

56. Mommy and Me Octopus Air Plant Holders: What a unique, colorful and cute way to celebrate Mom’s!

57. Colorful Sphere Air Planer and Plant: If you’re looking for a nice gift, or new plant to decorate with grab this, is comes with one sphere and the plant!

58. Bold and Colorful Air Plant Wall Holder: A whimsical way to hold your air plants onto the wall in any space.

59. Colorful Polka Dot Air Plant Holder: This is the perfect holder for beautiful air plants, wouldn’t it look cute on a shelf!

60. Rainbow Air Plant Hanger: This is just the thing for a gallery wall addition between frames, or on a small and narrow hallway wall.

61. 3D printed Air Plant Holder: You can select from a variety of colors.

Colorful animals succulent cactus and plant pots

62. Pink Pig Planter: A fun, cute and colorful planter.

63. Colorful Owl Planters: This is a three piece set of mini owl planters

64 .Colorful Parrot Planter: perfect for a tropical vibe.

65. Cute and Colorful Ceramic Foxes: this is a 4 piece set.

66. Colorful Pelican Pot: perfect for a beach and color lover!

Self watering easy colorful plant pots

67. Self Watering Modern Look Pots: This is a set of 5 pots

68. Self Watering Colorful Pots: This is a set of three self watering plants.

69. Sherbet Colored Self Watering Pots:  Wonderful rounded bottom solid color pots that are self watering.

70. Pastel Colored Pot Set: This is a 4 piece set of beautiful pastel colored pots.

Colorful unique plant pots

71. Colorful Stripe Pot: Hand painted with lots of love. Perfect for a gift or decorating a book shelf.

72. Colorful Recycled Pot: This is made from recycled materials.

73. Doughnut Narwhal Air Plant Holder: Just when you thought you had seen all the cute things on earthy this comes up, what a wonderful gift idea!

74. Small Rainbow Concrete Planter: This post reminds me of melted colorful crayons, it would look great as an accent piece on a table or shelf.

75. Mini Rainbow Potter: This cute rounded little plan pot is such a vibrant and bright color!

76. Rainbow Pots: Literally these pots featured the rainbow we all lover, but in different forms

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