Road Trip: Idyllwild California and Lake Fulmor to go Fishing

Last week for Super Bowl Sunday, most gathered around the television and consumed lots of finger foods, it has become a tradition for my husband and I get outdoors on Super-bowl Sunday each year, this time we decided to go to Idyllwild and walk around the town, and then head to lake Fulmor to go fishing for the afternoon. We kicked off the trip with going up the 15 north to a great breakfast place in Temecula called Mo’s Egg House. They have wonderful complimentary coffee cake, a warm and friendly atmosphere and good food too, it’s a great place to stop and fill up before hitting the road.

Mo s egg house breakfast

I ended up getting the eggs, O’brien potatoes, fruit and apple sausage.

IMG 8573

Our dog Roy was having a ball peeking out between us watching the cars on the road, I love driving through all the different small towns and farms.

Dig and hang on the road to Idyllwild

IMG 8611

IMG 8659

Idyllwild has a beautiful rock up on the mountain that you can see right from town, they have wonderful hikes up in the mountains. They are right next the PCT even.

IMG 8665

The center part of town is where all of the gift shops and restaurants are, it’s a must see.

IMG 8641

My favorite coffee shop that we swing by each time were in town is Higher Grounds, they have wonderful coffee, tea and hot chocolate. I always grab a hot chocolate when I go, it’s the best!

Higher grounds coffee shop idyllwild IMG 8640 Shopping in Idyllwild california

Coyote Red’s has great jelly’s and Jam’s as well as jersey and pickled items, they have a great hat shop, mountain gear shop, antique shops, pottery painting shop and much more.

IMG 8724

We drove about 30 min away from Idyllwild to lake Fulmor, it’s a nice little lake next to the side of the road, they offer fishing and pic nic areas we well, it’s great because there is a lot of trees and good shade for hot summer days.

IMG 8702

They have a half circle pier for fishing that has nice seats and lots of spots for fishing.

Fulmor lake idyllwild california IMG 8725 IMG 8736

We brought our dogs with us and my husband made a dog run for them next to the lake so they could move around while still leashed.

IMG 8749 Fratellos italian food idyllwild california

Unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish so we ate dinner at Fratello’s, they have a really nice patio that is outside among the trees. We ended up sharing a Hawaiian pizza and a yummy salad.

IMG 8788

The drive home was equally as nice with the beautiful sunset.

IMG 8815

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