Home Tour: Sarah’s Coastal Boho Beach Home Tour

I stumbled upon Sarah on Instagram one day, she has a beautiful boho beach home full of color, texture and wonderful organization in a small space.  If you are not yet following her on Instagram be sure to follow, she shares awesome photos on the regular https://www.instagram.com/_sare_xo/

Boho cocktail party organizer

If you are one for entertaining and mixed drinks this lovely corner drink cart is a great idea. The knick knacks she placed on it along with the fun colorful garland really make it interesting.

Bungelo boho kitchen san diego california

Usually I’m not a huge fan of open kitchen shelving, but I love what she did with this space, it doesn’t feel crowded at all, it feels very open and inviting. She created a lot of variety in the layout with mixing shapes and sizes of items, this a kitchen I could do some cooking in for sure!

Boho beach side bungelo ideas

I’ve lived in a few places with very tight patio space, and being a person that doesn’t want to give up my plants I’ve used this method for displaying plants in the past, it works like a charm and you can even paint the blocks if you like!

Colorful boho hats on wall

This caught my attention right away, I’m a huge hat person, I can really get into how she used the hats as decor, very cool.

Boho living room organization and decor ideas fun and colorful

Great example of incorporating a collection into a room scape, great.

Colorful beach boho bedroom

What a bright and cheery bedroom love the amount of light and good positivity in here!

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