Home Tour: Betina’s Colorful Boho Home and Craft Studio Full of Collections and Vintage Finds

Betina’s beautiful boho home is filled to the brim with magical collections every single area your eyes land upon. She has collections of plants, knick knacks, cameras, books, art, dried flowers, baskets, purses, plates, scissors, tea kettles and more! I really enjoy how her space not only feels warm and cozy, but also has the … Read more

Home Tour: The mesmerizing boho vintage home of Lee (Whatever Happened To Miss Wolf)

This is the colorful, eclectic and vintage boho style home of Lee.  Her ability to combine fun colors, rich textures and vintage items really makes her home pop from each and every angle. When decorating your home mixing and matching can really create a magical space just like Lee’s home, if you are not yet … Read more

Top 10: Boho Duvets That Will Add A Unique Splash of Color and Fun To Your Bedroom

Since childhood I have hated making my bed, mainly because of the stupid flat sheet, I always thought it was so pointless… and then one day I discovered duvets and my life was changed for ever! Duvets turn bed making time quick and easy, and best of all you can rotate your duvet as often … Read more