Be Transported to the Colorful, Tropical, Lush Bohemian Paradise Home of La Boheme House Of The Wishing Tree

Colors, textures and patterns coming together in a mystical symphony that creates a vibe of peace and tranquility pretty much sums up the magical home of Jo, better know on Instagram as La Boheme House Of The Wishing Tree. Jo’s home is stunning, she always has such fresh and vibrant pieces within her home that she seems … Read more

DIY: Boho Inspired Door Frame Bead Curtain Is Sure To Bring A Pop Of Color To Any Room

We recently moved from our native home of San Diego, CA to an apartment in Nashville TN for a change of pace and lower cost of living.  The apartment we moved into, as with all apartments has some things we really don’t like, but can’t change because it’s not our house we own, so we … Read more

Home Tour: The Colorful Kid Friendly Boho Home In Queensland Australia of Brandi Love, The Hectic Eclectic

Todays home tour is straight out of Queensland, Australia. It’s the beautifully eclectic and colorful boho inspirited home of Brandi Love. Her home is bursting at the seams with a playful, colorful and experimental feel.  Each room in her home has something unique and fun to look at in each and every corner. She doesn’t … Read more

Home Tour: Betina’s Colorful Boho Home and Craft Studio Full of Collections and Vintage Finds

Betina’s beautiful boho home is filled to the brim with magical collections every single area your eyes land upon. She has collections of plants, knick knacks, cameras, books, art, dried flowers, baskets, purses, plates, scissors, tea kettles and more! I really enjoy how her space not only feels warm and cozy, but also has the … Read more

Home Tour: Colorful Colorado Boho Mountainside Digs of Chasity and Derek

Tucked away in the mountains of Colorado Chasity and Derek live in a home that is on a 40 acre farm. They have a dreamy maximalist home full of whimsical, vintage and playful decor styled so thoughtfully. I love how she has plants in every single nook and cranny of her home, each pot is … Read more

Home Tour: The Thrifty Hippie Augusta Wheeler’s Beautiful and Spunky Boho Bungalow in Georgia

Augusta Wheeler, you might know her as the Thrifty Hippie is for sure a person I would love to go thrift store shopping with all day and sit back with some cold ones at night talking about how to arrange the cool items found that day! Her house is so darn homey, it has to … Read more

Home Tour: Madison’s Dreamy Desert Home, He Is An Interior Design and Founder of The Space and Habit Blog

Today we are featuring the gorgeous home of Madison, the interior designer and blogger behind His desert home is nothing short of dreamy, what strikes me most is how refreshing the white walls in majority of his living space are, they allow the textures, patterns and colors to play freely throughout the entire space … Read more

Home Tour: Blue Boho Bungalow Home Of Lilly Ortiz

Today we are featuring the beautiful home of Lilly Ortiz, she has a beautiful boho bungalow home that features lots of fun, playful and colorful accents as well as lots of blue hues. I love how she has so many different hues of blues in her home, from her bathroom to bedrooms, to living room. … Read more

Home Tour: The Whimsical, Colorful Plant Filled Bungalow of Antonia in Japan

I’m a HUGE fan of homes that are decorated with collected items, plants and lots of color, Antonia’s home is nothing short of amazing! I stumbled upon her Instagram page a few months ago and just fell in love with her fun and whimsical style.  She has such a talent for bringing a space together … Read more

Home Tour: The mesmerizing boho vintage home of Lee (Whatever Happened To Miss Wolf)

This is the colorful, eclectic and vintage boho style home of Lee.  Her ability to combine fun colors, rich textures and vintage items really makes her home pop from each and every angle. When decorating your home mixing and matching can really create a magical space just like Lee’s home, if you are not yet … Read more

Home Tour: Colorfully Collected Boho Home Filled To The Brims With Love and Light

I came across the lovely colorfully collected home of Alexandra Felgate on Instagram and just had to share it with you all.  The thing I really love about her home is the mix of crafty, boho, thrifty and artistic styles, they blend so well and really make it into a truly unique space.  As you … Read more

Home Tour: Take a Tour of Lita Lee’s Beautiful Modern Boho Style Home Full of Light and Love

Today we are taking a tour of Lita Lee’s beautiful home. Her style is mix of modern/boho and boy does it come together in a nice way! She mixes textures, plants and hints of color throughout each and every room of her home. Enjoy the tour below and be sure to follow her on Instagram, … Read more

Home Tour: Eclectic, Bright, colorful and Lively home of Jen Streeter, Better Known As The Blissfully Eclectic.

Today we are featuring the lovely home of Jen Streeter, on Instagram you might know her as “Blissfully Eclectic”. Her home is a whimsical mix of eclectic objects and colorful boho treasures. Her home has lot of natural light shinning in, and it she uses that well by plugging plants in to each of her … Read more