Home Tour: The Epic Colorful Gallery Wall Home of Emma, better know as the FlawSomeHome Will Inspire You

The most epic amount of colorful, whimsical and eclectic gallery walls I’ve seen in my entire life all single handedly come from the Northern Ireland 1930’s home of Emma, better know on Instagram as the FlawSomeHome. Her house is jam packed with thoughtfully curated gallery walls that will make you droll, no joke, the one … Read more

Top 10: Abstract Geometric Art For Your Home, The Most Colorful, Bold and Unique Pieces from Etsy

Who doesn’t love geometric art? Geometric art is a great way to add meditative, abstract, colorful art to any space. I like how you can just get lost in the color and shapes, artwork that doesn’t have a direct item, object or story to tell is kind of refreshing. Some of the art has set … Read more

Home Tour: Blue Boho Bungalow Home Of Lilly Ortiz

Today we are featuring the beautiful home of Lilly Ortiz, she has a beautiful boho bungalow home that features lots of fun, playful and colorful accents as well as lots of blue hues. I love how she has so many different hues of blues in her home, from her bathroom to bedrooms, to living room. … Read more

Home Tour: The mesmerizing boho vintage home of Lee (Whatever Happened To Miss Wolf)

This is the colorful, eclectic and vintage boho style home of Lee.  Her ability to combine fun colors, rich textures and vintage items really makes her home pop from each and every angle. When decorating your home mixing and matching can really create a magical space just like Lee’s home, if you are not yet … Read more

Home Tour: Colorfully Collected Boho Home Filled To The Brims With Love and Light

I came across the lovely colorfully collected home of Alexandra Felgate on Instagram and just had to share it with you all.  The thing I really love about her home is the mix of crafty, boho, thrifty and artistic styles, they blend so well and really make it into a truly unique space.  As you … Read more

Home Tour: Laura’s Colorful Collected Home, Full of Artwork and Owls From Around the World

Everyone has that one friend that always has some new craft, artwork or addition to their collection and that friend is Laura. I had the honor of photographing her lovely home to share with you. She is a practicing attorney, but is sure to find time for painting, crafting and growing her owl collection and … Read more

Home Tour: Bold, Colorful and Unique Home of Dig and Hang Blogger Kim LaPlante

 Hi, I’m Kim LaPlante, and since a young age I have always had a love for decorating and gardening, it just always seemed to bring me balance, joy and clarity.  Also, the wonderful feeling of peace and happiness you get from a well decorated space is something that has long motivated me to continue to … Read more