Neon Colored Duct Tape Shoe Bench DIY with Duck Brand Duct Tape

We recently bought a new home that has a mudroom, which is great for the mud season. I was trying to find a way to organize our shoes and found this amazing bench, but it was all white and so boring. So I immediately was thinking about ways I could add color to it, but … Read more

Home Tour: Colorful Retro Digs of Nikki from Collected Home

The home of Nikki is so unique, I really enjoy how each area of her home has something interesting and fun to look at. She has lots of colorful vintage collectables as well as one of a kind artwork pieces all tied together with the beautiful bright colors she has throughout her entire home. The … Read more

Home Tour: Welcome to The Mango Manor, a Boho Inspired Playful Beach Home To Kelli Collins and Her Family

I was so excited when I came across Kelli Collins’ home on Instagram! Her bungalow boho beach home with a hint of Mexico flair is so amazingly unique. Every room it seems is painted very different contrasting colors which gives each room it’s own personality. She has a magic touch when it comes to bringing … Read more

Home Tour: Colorful Colorado Boho Mountainside Digs of Chasity and Derek

Tucked away in the mountains of Colorado Chasity and Derek live in a home that is on a 40 acre farm. They have a dreamy maximalist home full of whimsical, vintage and playful decor styled so thoughtfully. I love how she has plants in every single nook and cranny of her home, each pot is … Read more

Home Tour: The mesmerizing boho vintage home of Lee (Whatever Happened To Miss Wolf)

This is the colorful, eclectic and vintage boho style home of Lee.  Her ability to combine fun colors, rich textures and vintage items really makes her home pop from each and every angle. When decorating your home mixing and matching can really create a magical space just like Lee’s home, if you are not yet … Read more