Vibrant, Whimsical and Full of Soul, The Colorful Upcycled Folk Art of The Moore Family

A memory or emotion can be triggered by so many things. A smell, a place, a season of the year, a color, or even a piece of artwork. The colorful folk art of The Moore Family has that effect on people. Maybe it’s the vibrant colors of vintage soda cans, the tactile bottle tops in … Read more

A Vibrant Cry To Treasure And Respect Mother Nature and Our World, The Colorful Art of Stéphanie Kilgast

The vibrant and colorful sculptures and paintings of Stéphanie Kilgast show the constant struggle of human v. Mother Nature. Her work brings up the ever present conversation of environmental stewardship and the numerous extinctions, deforestations, and pollution on earth. The sharp reminder of our actions and their repercussions on the environment are the tactile objects … Read more

Mix Tape Memories, Funky and Vibrant Recycled Cassette Tape Art by Sophie of Wooden Flamingo

Ok, let’s all just go ahead and date ourselves, who had a mix tape? I know I certainly had some treasured mix tapes during my childhood.  I distinctly remember laying in bed each night listening to my Mariah Carey, Tina Turner and Rod Stewart tapes while slowly dozing to bed. As with any era, the … Read more

DIY: Recycled 8 Track Tape Music Lyric Artwork For Your Home

Do you or someone you know love music? If so this is a quick, easy and fun project to make for gifts or to decorate your home with. All you need are some old 8 Track tapes, scrap book paper and a printer to print lyrics out with. You cut out the scrap book paper … Read more