The color teal is such a bold and bright color to use for accents in your home. It’s great as an accent wall, with art, pillows, plant pots and just about anything else.  I recently have very much been into the color teal, my husband and I found this old desk table on the side of the road and painted the top table teal and the bottom bright orange for our bedroom to hold plants and candles. Below is some wonderful color inspiration for your home, there are a few dreamy gallery walls and some beautiful art pieces for your home as well, below each photo is the direct link to where you can find the designer or artist on Instagram right below them, enjoy!

Dig and hang recycled side table for records

Teal Vinyl Record Table: DigandHang

Vintage teal home

Retro inspired team gallery wall: MyLittleRetroHome

Teal artwork for home

Teal Circle Mobile: Moonlight.Designs

Teal Weave Art: HarryandTheHound

Teal Dresser: TheHouseThatDiyBuilt

Teal home decor inspiration

Teal Kitchen: DansleLakeHouse

Teal Watercolor Art: ChristaChapinStudio 

Teal Glass Collection: GirlsWithBrushes

Teal kitchen chairs and dinning room gallery wall

Amazing Teal Dinning Gallery Wall Room: Hayesimus

Teal colored home decor

Teal Country Cottage Kitchen Shelf: GirlsWithBrushes

Retro Teal Clock: ShannyBeeBoClocks

Boho Teal Wall Art: WhiskerRow

Colorful teal home

Colorific Tropical Teal Room: TheTealMango

Colorful teal inspired home decor

Teal Abstract Artwork: MiepoutreStudios

Teal Credenza:

Colorful Bed Blanket: Our.Home.On.A.Hill

Teal colored home

Teal Scrap Banner: Shovel_and_Spade

Teal Painting: YapesPaints

Teal Kitchen Island: UnWittingNjGirl

Dark teal colored home office

Dark Teal Gallery Office Wall: ProjectHomeDesign