The Colorful Geometric, Animal and Landscape Art By Melanie Mikecz is Sure to Transport You To Far Away Land of Whimsy

If you like being transported away to colorful far away lands, and seeing colorful creatures big and small, this is the art for you.  This weeks featured artist is Melanie Mikecz, she mixes sketching, paintings, drawing, scanning and photoshopping together to get her magical creations. Her colorful home decor is some of the best colorful whimsical art I’ve seen.

If you’re looking to add a rainbow burst of color to your living room gallery wall, kids bedroom or baby’s nursery look no further. Every home can use some colorful artwork to add interest to a room, enjoy the interview below and be sure to follow Melanie and support colorful artists by purchasing some of her work if it’s a fit for your home. If you’re not yet following her on Instagram, be sure to, her feed is a rainbow for the eyes to behold! 

Instagram: @melaniemikecz
Pinterest: @emem

Can you tell us about your work, when did you start creating?
I started with crayons on butcher block paper at the age of two, maybe? The current illustration style/technique I’ve been using for about 12 years.

Colorful kids room wall art

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How would you describe your home decor style? 

Right now, minimal. We moved into a new house about 1.5 years ago, and well we haven’t don’t a lot. We moved from a smallish apartment into a bigger space, so some of our rooms are pretty sparsely furnished. I’m trying to be intentional in the items we bring into the house by only purchasing things that I love.

Colorful bird artwork for living room tropical boho

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What inspires you when you get in a rut?

I often turn to Pinterest for visual inspiration. I also like to go for a run to clear my head if I’m creatively stuck.

Colorful children s art for playroom

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What colors do you enjoy using in your art the most and why? 

Bright colors. Lots of pinks, lime greens, light blues. It’s kind of strange the colors I gravitate to in my work because I mostly wear neutrals and avoid pinks.

Colorful ocean art for home living room

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Where do you create most of your work, what is your space like? 

Right now I split my time between my downstairs studio/office and the dining room table. My dedicated workspace downstairs is very serene and looks out into the
backyard. The best part is the gas fireplace.

Colorful kids wall artwork for bedroom

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Name 3 crafters, artists or designers that you follow and love their work…

Lisa Congdon’s work is so fun and often has a motivational message. Roeqiya Fris’s patterns and Kindah Khalidy’s paintings also make me very happy.

Studio of melanie mikecz colorful kids art for home

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What are your favorite items decorating your home and why?  

I probably cherish the artwork in my home the most. Not necessarily mine, but paintings my children have done and works by my favorite artists. My six-year-old daughter painted this super cool fox that is one of my favorite pieces.

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