The LaPlante’s Rustic Mountain Top Autumn Wedding

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What made my wedding day so special? It was the crazy amounts of handmade craft decorations my family and friends made with me, the music list for the entire wedding day I curated on my for the 6 months before the big day, and the copious amounts of flowers and pumpkins (and of course the fact that I was marrying my very best friend in the world and had all of my friends and family in one place at the same time for a big party) it was a decor lovers dream and a beautiful day I will never forget. If you have a autumn wedding coming up and are in need of some inspiration scroll on down, you might find something you could use as well for your special day.

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I am a HUGE flower and plant lover, so I had to have a flower crown, luckily my husbands Aunt had experience with making them, it was breathtaking and exactly what I was going for, it looked so natural. The long leaves are actually eucalyptus branches from our neighborhood, the yellow and orange flowers I purchased from a local florist. There were at least 40 or more bobby pins holding it in all day for me. I honestly wasn’t much into the dress or the shoes, but the flower crown and the bouquet I put together for myself were nothing short of magical! I even lucked out and got ahold of some monkey tail ferns for my bouquet, those are the brown curled up stocks, loved them!

Kim Laplante Dig and Hang

We’re not the super traditional type, so a tux was out of the question, I found this wonderful fall colored LL Bean jacket for Dave to wear for the ceremony, it looked great on him, and it was a nice wool jacket he has worn many times since our wedding day.

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Wedding dessert tableFor our dessert table my sister made us a wonderful felt banner that had a play on words “falling in love” we then used lots of fall colored flowers with wood crates to hold up our pumpkin apple pies we had with ice cream, they are from our favorite pie shop in Julian, Ca.

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We rented the tables and the chairs, we had about 125 people at our wedding, we were so lucky to find some wonderful folks that allowed us to use their rental home for the wedding, that was the only way we were at all able to afford a mountain wedding that I had always wanted, getting married in our local mountains were I had many camping trips and hikes with my family made it so special.

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This was the beautiful view where our ceremony happened, I had the ceremony at 2pm so folks could enjoy the beautiful view before the sunset.

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I have always loved pumpkins, we bought a total of 40 pumpkins for our wedding day in many varying sizes, some for just decoration, others were hallowed out to hold flowers.

our dating pictures and giveaway plant for wedding gift.jpg

This was our table we had the sign in sheet as well as our photo rack of our dating photos and our wedding favor, my Mom and I painted little orange pots and planted little succulents in them, it was a big hit!

Sign in table at wedding

wedding favor succlent plants.jpg

october 22nd 2017.jpg

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Ish and roy dig and hang

Our dogs Ish and Roy had to be there on our special day, Roy is the chiwinnie and Ish is the mini Schnauzer, they both had olive colored bow ties. I turned an old wine box my Dad found into our wedding card holder, instead of asking for wedding gifts we just asked for money toward our honeymoon, we went to New Orleans and Tennessee. I also bought tons of old clothes from the thrift store that were my wedding colors and turned them into scrap fabric banners for the fencing at the entrance of the ceremony area.

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Our Wedding cake was actually unexpected, we didn’t purchase one and were just going to use a pie, but Dave’s friend Stacy that was part of the wedding party baked us a yummy and beautiful cake, it was such a wonderful surprise! Did I mention she is a professional baker?!

Dave and kims first dance

our first dance on wedding day.jpg

Our first dance took place on a dance floor my Dad and sisters boyfriend made from plywood a few days before, because renting a dance floor would have cost $2,000, which was way out of our budget…. We also put some lights around the bottom of the floor, it was great! We took the dance floor home and now use it as a deck in our backyard.

dave and kim laplante.jpg

first kiss laplantes.jpg

I had to work some fall leaves into the photo shoot, so we took the car to a different spot with more trees, so glad we made the time to do that, the pictures turned out amazing and I was so happy to be among trees! The spot we had the ceremony in had a wonderful view but not so many trees. In the end it was an amazing day, and I’m so thankful for all my friends and family that made it such a special day!

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