The Most Bold, Colorful and Eclectic Decorative Pillows For Your Home From Etsy Shops Featuring Geometric and Unique Color Patterns

I don’t know about you, but I would say that pillows make the couch… I mean you can have the most colorful, unique awesome couch, but without pillows it lacks expression and personality. Every time when I am out at the local home decor stores I struggle to find bold and colorful decorative pillows for my home, pretty much the only season I have a remote chance is during the summer when they bring out bold prints. So I decided to spend 3 hours sifting through Etsy for you all to find some of the most colorful, bold and eclectic decorative pillows for your home so you don’t have to waste time searching.  

Some of the Etsy shops have a ton of wonderful designs to choose from, those I attempted to group together for you, the rest of them are randomly grouped together, each of the pillows have a convenient link below the photo so you can easily purchase the pillow you fall in love with for your home, support handmade small shops and keep great design alive! 

The greatest etsy decorative pillows most colorful and unique decorative pillows dig and hang

The first four pillows above are created by The Gretest, holy cow do these pillows pop!? I just loved so many of their geometric designs, and their Etsy shop is amazing, they have rugs, platters and so much more! 

Teide etsy shop colorful pillows decorative pillows unique bold and colorful pillows dig and hang

The four above pillows were created by Teide Shop, I’m so in love with these pillows, they give me a doodle vibe that’s unique for pillows, and the colors!! They have tons of wonderful pillows to choose from as well! 

Geometric colorful pillow for home dig and hang unique pillows that are colorful

The above pillow was created by The Skin Dudes, I love the colorful hexagon design of this pillow!

Colorful decorative pillows art is everything etsy dig and hang most colorful bold and Eclectic decor pillows

The four above pillows are by a shop called Art Is Everything, I just love the simplicity in their patterns, and the bold playfulness with the colors they choose to use!

Most colorful and bright decorative home pillows list on dig and hang bold eclectic unique decorative pillows

1. This pillow was create by Peruvian Shaman, I love the vivid bold colors, the bands of striped colors as well as the yummy texture this pillow offers! 

2. This pillow was created by Narais, you can’t go wrong with nature, and I love how it also has a geometric modern feel to it too, it’s nature like, but has a hint of abstract. 

3. This pillow was created by NuJu Designs, Im always a sucker for circle patterns, so I fell in love with this design right away, its so unique and would be a great addition to any couch! 

4. This pillow was created by Niftee Tshirt Design, This is wonderful with all of the bright summer tone colors, it is also not as busy as some of the other pillows because it has bigger blocks of color, would be nice to throw into your collection. 

Girl with radio mind boho colorful decorative pillow for home dig and hang

These two pillows above and below are from Girl With Radio Mind, her pillows are amazing because they offer not only bold bright colors, but have the delicious texture to them as well, it would be a wonderful edition to anywhere In your home! 

Girl with radio mind decorative pillows colorful boho pillows unique bold colorful pillow dig and hang decor

Colorful geometric decorative pillows for home boho style pillows colorful pillows for home dig and hang

1. This was created by Roostery, this pillow puts such a big smile on my face, I love the faded colors and the shapes, it totally has a mid century modern tiki style feel to it, love love love! 

2. This was created by Pillows Only Design,  I just love the colors, and shapes within this pillow, it takes me back to the mid century modern homes of Palm Springs that I love so much!

3. This was created by Sebil Pillows, they are hand sewn from vintage Turkish rugs, what a wonderful piece and so unique, the colors are just dreamy, they have tons of pillow cases to choose from in every size you can think of!

4. This was created by Taste Of Indian Culture, I have always loved these style pillows, the circle shape adds to their charm for sure, this shop had lots of bright and colorful items for decor! 

Colorful geometric decorative pillows for colorful bold eclectic home dig and hang

1. This pillow was created by Fantasied, I just love the bright spectrum of colors used in the design!

2. This pillow was created by More Decor, I just love nature, and the fact that they combine nature and the bright pop colors makes this pillow a no brainer, how cool is it! 

3. This pillow was created by Jumping Jacka Studios, I just love the bold triangles of colors, it would be such a  delightful highlight on any couch or chair! 

4. This pillow was created by My Lovely Pillow, I just love the modern clean look of this pillow, I also appreciate the unique take on the popular geometric style, this is so cool!

Colorful decorative pillow for home unique on etsy bright decorative pillow dig and hang

This bright white pillow with colorful brush dots was created by Teluna Life, I just love the playful bright vibe this pillow gives off, it’s lovely! 

Boho colorful pillow for home decorative pillow dig and hang best bold and colorful pillows

The above pillow was created by V Living, Im so in love with the color and design of this pillow and the detailed colorful embroidery stitching takes it to a whole other level! 

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