The Most Colorful, Bold and Unique Cactus and Desert Artwork, Home Decor and Prints In This Weeks Rainbow Roundup

Love desert landscapes and cactus but are struggling to find bold and colorful cactus art prints, original desert art and  colorful cactus themed home decor that fits your colorful style?

Look no further, this weeks “Rainbow Roundup” has got you covered, we search high and low on Etsy, Amazon, Society 6 and Red Bubble to find the boldest, most colorful and unique cactus art and home decor for you so you don’t have to spend hours looking.

Below you will find direct links to all of the art and home decor you see. There is something for every desert and cactus lover, from watercolor to colorful cactus illustrations, tapestry’s, decorative cactus pillows and more. 

Each week we do a new “Rainbow Roundup” that focuses on something new each week from, window curtains and duvets to colorful artwork with themes, be sure to check in each week to see the new list so you can make your home as colorful and unique as you are! 


Colorful cactus home decor

1. Pop Art Colorful Cactus Art

2. Blooming Desert Cactus Print 

3. Retro Colorful Cactus Photograph Print 

4. Colorful and Fun Cactus in Pots

5. Colorful Crayon Cactus Print

Unique colorful bold cactus wall decor

6. Succulent Collector Art Print 

7. Fun and Funky Colorful Cactus Print 

8. Green and Blue Cactus Garden Print 

Bold unique cactus decor

9. Abstract Colorful Cactus Art 

10. Cactus Typewritter Print 

11. Cactus in a Tea Cup Print

12. Bold Bohemian Cactus Print 

Bright bold colorful cactus decor

13. Bold Desert Landscape Canvas 

14. Colorful Cactus Canvas Print 

15. Colorful Cactus Pot Collection Print

16. Blooming Watercolor Cactus Artwork 

Bright bold rainbow desert cactus artwork

17. Colorful Potted Cactus Wall Decals 

18. Rainbow Barrel Cactus Art Print with pink background

19. Neon Embroidery Cactus Art 

20. Mid Mod Colorful Cactus Print 

Bright colorful cactus lover artwork

21. Colorful Desert Sunrise Print 

22. Kid’s Room Cactus Art Print 

23. Pastel Paddle Cactus Print 

24. Pretty Pastel Cactus With Birds Print 

Bright colorful desert artwork

25. Birds and Cactus Bloom Print 

26. Soft Shades Cactus Wall Tapestry 

27. Starry Night Saguaro Cactus Art 

Bright rainbow cactus home decor

28. Purple Prickly Pear Cactus Print 

29. Modern Colorful Cactus Print 

30. Vibrant Cactus Wall Decals 

31. Quail and Babies in the Desert 

Colorful bold unique cactus decorations

32. Southwest Abstract Saguaro Cactus Art 

33. Colorful Cactus Trio Artwork

34.Colorful and Chic Cactus Artwork 

35. Colorful Birds Gathering on Cactus Artwork 

Colorful cactus desert art

36. Rainbow Saguaro Cactus Artwork 

37. Prickly Pear Painting 

38. Lovebird Colorful Cactus Print 

Colorful cactus wall art

39. Colorful Cacti Art 

40. Bold Orange Cactus Art Print 

41. Pom Pom Colorful Cactus Print 

42. Colorful Potted Cactus Art Print 

Colorful desert wall art

43. Vibrant Colorful Desert Artwork 

44. 3D Colorful Hand-stitched Cactus Artwork 

45. Colorful Saguaro Artwork 

Colorful fun cactus lover gift

46. Boho Cactus Colorful Wall Tapestry 

47. Pink Wall With Colorful Cactus Print 

48. Colorful Cactus Hoop Artwork 

49. Boho Watercolor Prickly Pear Cactus Print 

Colorful rainbow cactus home decor

50. Colorful Cactus String Art 

51. Vibrant and Colorful Nursery Cactus Artwork 

52. Rainbow Resin Cactus Artwork 

53. Bold Saguaro Cactus Print 

Colorful unique bold cactus decor

54. Colorful Cactus Mosaic Artwork 

55. Yellow Wall Cactus Print

56. Bold Boho Watercolor Cactus Artwork 

Colorful unique cactus art

57. Colorful Cactus Needlepoint Art 

58. Barrel Cactus with Blooming Flower Print 

59.  Colorful Arizona Moon Desert Print 

60. Rainbow Modern Cactus Art Print 

Colorful unique cactus home decor

61. Colorful Mixed Media Cactus Print 

62. Felted Succulent and Flower Saguaro Cactus Art 

63. Botanical Cactus Garden Print 

64. Colorful Cactus Bowl Print 

Colorful unique desert homedecor

65. Southwest Colorful Cactus Art 

66. Purple and Pink Cactus Artwork 

67. Cactus Collection Modern Artwork

68. Cactus Wood Artwork 

Multi colored vibrant desert art

69. Colorful Cactus Floral Arrangement Print 

70. Hot Pink Desert Scene Art 

71. Colorful Potted Cactus Artwork Print 

72. Southwest Cactus Painting 

Multicolored cactus decor

73. Potted Happy Colorful Cactus Print 

74. Colorful Cactus Overlay Print 

75. Multicolored Potted Cactus Print 

76. Colorful Cactus In Line of Pots

Pastel colored cactus desert art

78. Beautiful Boho Cactus Wall Tapestry  

79. Pretty Pastel Cactus Print 

80. Colorful Daydream Cactus Print 

81. Colorful Wood burn Cactus Art 

Rainbow color cactus wall art

82. Multi Color Cactus Artwork 

83. Bird Visitor to the Cactus Art 

84. Abstract Desert Path Art 

85. Boho Colorful Cactus Print 

Rainbow colored cactus home decor

86. Rainbow Desert Cactus Print 

87. Colorful Cactus Canvas Print 

88. Multi Colored Cactus Board Print 

89. Colorful Cactus at Sunset Art 

Unique colorful cactus artwork

90. Vibrant Watercolor Desert Scene 

91. Blue and Dreamy Cactus Art 

92. Funny Cactus Art 


Unique colorful cactus home decor gifts

93. Mini Colorful Cactus Erasers 

94. Colorful Crochet Mini Cactus

95. Embroidered Felt Saguaro Cactus 

96. Colorful Felted Cactus Pot 

97.  Realistic Felted Mini Cactus with Flowers 

98.  Colorful Stained Glass Cactus Art 

99.  Pastel Ceramic Cactus in Pot 

100. Mini Felt Potted Cactus Home Decor 

101. Crochet Ball Cactus with Bloom 

Unique colorful cactus pillows homedecor

102. Colorful Cactus Throw Pillow

103. Crochet Cactus Saguaro Pillow 

104. Colorful Saguaro Plushies 

105. Tropical Cactus Throw Pillow

Rainbow colored cactus decorative pillows

106. Bold Colorful Botanical Cactus Throw Pillow 

107. Southwest Saguaro Cactus Accent Pillow

108. Chic Watercolor Cactus Pillow 

109. Bold Blue Saguaro Cactus Pillow

Colorful cactus decorative pillows

110. Colorful Watercolor Cactus with Flower Decorative Pillow

110. Rainbow Cactus Jungle Pillow

112. Multi Color Fun Cactus Pillow 

113. Pink and Purple Cactus Decorative Pillow

114. Hot Pink Bubblegum Cactus Pillow

115. Rainbow Cactus Throw Pillow

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